Monday, August 31, 2015

Running Late

So, I am truly running late today because of the buses of San Marcos, so this week is gonna be fast.  In a nutshell, we're working crazy hard and we're seeing the miracles piling up.  Even when we wanna die, we just try to keep going and push through the dead moments and then, BOOM.  Huge things happening.  I can't say a lot at the moment because I'm not entirely sure whewre everything is going to go.... But hopefully in the next couple of weeks you will all know! 

Mostly, if there's anything I can tell you all, it's this:

There's a reason for everything we're 'supposed' to do.  Every little rule or habit the church teaches you to follow and develop means something bigger, and many times it's extremely symbolic and preparatory.  we won't understand everything, but if we DO it, even without understanding, we'll come to understand little by little.  I invite you all to look up some of your favorite stories of the scriptures, and notice how many times the prophets of old were commanded to do something they didn't understand which later led to a huge blessing and change in their lives.  Being here in Honduras, I am still, every day, coming to understand and see the difference between those who keep the commandments of God and the blessings and those who don't.  I have strong testimony of keeping the Sabbath Day holy, of tithings, of fasting and fast offerings, of the Word of Wisdom, of chastity in all it's little warnings and of every other commandment and advise that God has given us, be it through the scriptures or the prophets of today.  I am seeing the fruits of said commandments.  Just do it - and watch what happens. 

I love all of you.  I am coming to love the people of this world more and more every day.  When we come to understand who God is and what kind of a God He is - we understand better who we ourselves are - and thus, we comprehend the purpose of this life more fully.  The little things can change it all. 

Have a wonderful week.  I'll keep you updated on life and stuff. 

Elder Kristian Huff
Song of the Week:  When You Believe, Prince of Egypt.

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