Monday, July 27, 2015

Okay, Catch Up


OKAY.... So, these last couple weeks have been crazy.  San Marcos is really far away from everything, and I have to go to Cholu a lot, and.... BAH.  Stuff gets hard sometimes.  BUT, I'm happy and working hard.  Finally, I'll give you guys the laydown of San Marcos. 

San Marcos is in the South, but it's BEAUTIFUL and the climate is super nice, unlike the rest of the south.  It's really far away from everything, and as such the ward is just starting out.  By that, I mean there is no ward.  Nor is there a branch.  We are just a group.  A group of like, 5 active members and us.  One active preisthood holder who is the group president.  Other than that...  It's us.  

We usually end up directing the sacrament meetings, blessing and passing the sacrament, giving the talks, giving the classes, even taking the tithings of the few active members (like, 3 or 4).  It has been really interesting and I'm learning a LOT.  We have a LOT of investigators, which are all willing to listen, but struggling to act.... But then again, with such a small LDS population here, it's hard to blame them.  It's been really crazy....  But it's a huge adventure.  Every day is an adventure, learning new things, growing and trying to accomplish things that seem impossible.  

Honestly, it's hard to know what to tell you guys.  I guess, if I could...  I just want to say that it amazes me the way everything in the gospel seems to fit together.  I'm so far from being a perfect person, and this area reminds me of that.... But then I come to realize that the hardest moments come when I lack the very fundamental of missionary work.  That's what I think I need to tell you all. 

I've said it before, and yet I feel like it's the thing we manage to forget the most.... It all, still, without fail, comes down to love.  If we love, and learn to love more purely, it all fits together.  

I will have more things to tell you in the coming weeks, but until then, that's all I can leave with you.  Love you guys.

Elder Huff
Song of the Week: White Balloons - Sick Puppies

Monday, July 20, 2015

Quick note!

I am sorry guys - 
This week’s letter is also going to be short because I was at a Zone activity on the other side of Honduras, which is a 4 hours bus ride from my area, so my time is short!   But hey, we went to the beach – so that’s cool.  (Just a little FYI - My area is the farthest area away in the Mission and it is so beautiful here!  It’s the kind of place that you only see in your dreams – ahhh I love it here!)
Quick rundown of the week - super busy, working really hard - AND – I gave 4 interviews on Friday for baptism on Saturday.  I also got to baptize Flor, who is the sweetest little 9 year old, on Saturday! 
I will write more next week, I promise. 
I love you all, and if you need anything, I will do what I can from Honduras.
Elder Kristian Huff

Song of the week: I Hope They Call Me on a Mission!
(and next week’s messages will be better – I promise!)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Let's Do This.

Look, there's a lot I could tell you, but right now, I gotta keep it short.  Next week I'll write a bigger explanation.
I had changes. 
To a really freaking cool place.
It's in the South, and it's called San Marcos de Colon.
Time to get some stuff done.  Or... At least try to and hope the Lord will do what I can't.

I'll tell you why it's so cool next week.  Love you guys.
Elder Kristian Huff
P.S.  All the family that recorded me - I LOVE YOU GUYS.  Especially Caroline and Gracie and Kenzie and all the kids.  I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH! THANK YOU!

Song of the week: Glorious written by David Archuleta, sang in Spanish

Monday, July 6, 2015

This is the Villa

Hey Guys!

It has been a crazy week....  I mean, I still can't believe that we've lost two beloved apostles of the Lord.... They will be sorely missed.  Honestly, I just wish I would have taken more advantage of their words before my mission, but what I've learned from them is highly based in their example.  They died standing unmoved in the truth that must be proclaimed to all the earth.  I advise everyone to read their words carefully, and don't seek to counsel the Lord's anointed, or take their inspired words out of context.  The truth has been stated, and we ought to support it even until the end of our lives, as these valient men have done.  I am grateful for them, and I will show that gratitude by doing, at least a little, what they have done.  

Elder Putnam, Isis, and Elder Huff
Next little thought, Cries of Freedom crew, I LOVE YOU GUYS.  I know you guys were AMAZING.  I definitely rushed into the fire on the fourth of July in honor of you - even if that fire was actually a baptismal font. 

Finally, after 2 changes together, Elder Putnam finally got to baptize for the first time.

Isis Cruz - and she's PILAS.  Super great, and hopefully next week Elder Putnam will throw Fernando in.  It was a wonderful baptism, and it was humbling to watch my kid put her in....  First try, too!  Words, perfect, ordinance, perfect!  SO proud, guys.  Great way to head out the Villa, huh?
Fernando and Elder Huff

And.... Speaking of that.... Although it isn't totally sure, I've had four changes here in the Villa.... 

What does that mean?  

It means I'm probably out.  Which is sad and kind of sucks, but....  I'm kind of learning you need to get used to it.  But....  I'm not very good at that.  So.... I figured I'd give a couple last words to the Villa Olimpica.
When I first came to the Villa, I did NOT want to.  I had given my heart to Danli, and I missed it more than words could describe.  I missed my old investigators, I missed the other members and I missed the feeling of Danli altogether.  So... Coming to the Villa, as optimistic as I tried to be, made me incredibly sad.  There were many times that I said that I would never love an area like I loved Danli....

Well, I think I was wrong.

To describe the Villa, I'd have to put it like this....  I've already said that the city is pretty full of people asking for money and mocking us and saying bad words in english and laughing hysterically because they're probably using drugs and all that.  And, to be honest, that is exactly what I saw when I first came here.  It was not a shellshock, cuz I'd already seen it before, but it was sad cuz there was so much MORE of it.  
Villa Olimpica

But then, something happened.

I stopped thinking about all that.  Instead, I made kind of a secret oath to myself to meet everyone in the area, and try to understand why life is how it is here.  Did I accomplish it?  Definitely not.  Did I meet a LOT of people?  

Villa Olimpica
Villa Olimpica

..... um.... I think it's safe to say yes.  Like, a LOT of people.  And guys, there is something beautiful amongst this people.

And weirdly enough....  When I started doing noticing that, I started getting closer to all of them.  And....  From there....  I just started getting close to everyone.  There were a couple parts of the area where I don't think anyone had not talked to us at least once, and there are few people who don't know Oof and Pootman.  I know these streets so well, and I know all the dogs and the dips in the road and the time of day to avoid and it just... It's kind of come to feel like home.

So.... Where am I now?  

Well, honestly, lost for words.  When I walk down these streets now, I see a hundred people who I've already gotten to know - or more like... A family.  My family.  I see them smile, and I see the seeds that are growing every day within each of them.  If I can leave something with the people of the 28 de Marzo, and the Residencial Maya, and Villa Universitaria, and Monte Verde, and Los Ciruelos and the Magical Valley of Waste and the whole Villa Olimpica, it would be this:

I love you.  Thank you, each and every one, for the role you played in my life.  Every family, every person, everyone who gave us food, everyone that shut the door in our faces, everyone who didn't even open the door even though we could see you look through your mail hole, everyone that DID let us in, everyone who I now call a part of my life - Thank you.  You've taught me so much, and I look forward to talking to all of you after the mission.  You will NOT be forgotten - and I kind of hope you don't forget me either.  Plus, we have a long time in the future to see each other again - I'm totally gonna take advantage of that.  

Stay strong, and keep doing the most important work in the world.  Because THIS is the work, and THIS is the Villa.  See you soon, if it so is. Y una vez mas.... Les amo mucho. 

Elder Kristian Huff

Song of the Week:  Still by Ben Folds, Over the Hedge version.

Thank you Jesus!