Monday, August 24, 2015

Coming Back Around


TO BEGIN.... Anybody who can tell me where the title of my letter comes from - You are currently in the process of winning at life.  Congrats.  ;D
But really....  As you all know, the past few weeks have been SO hard.  And... Finally it seems that I'm feeling the wave.  It's still hard.... but it's so rewarding.  I've just began to learn how to truly love again and I'M SO HAPPY.  So... therefore, it seems only fair that such a week and such a beginning to a change be labeled Coming Back Around.
So... To be able to describe the past week... I'll go day by day. 

After writing, we went straight to work.  We had a member who has been inactive for a long time to came to see the new church, and we ended up having an incredible lesson where she revealed a lot of doubts she had and she promised to start doing little things to get back on track - as of now, she's keeping almost all of her commitments.  We also are having many other inactives (like... 4 in total... We're in San Marcos, remember.... ;P) begin to activate.... We'll have to wait and see if it keeps up!

A WHOLE lot of lessons.  And great news - neither of the two of us had changes!  One more change with Elder Espinoza in San Marcos! So...  We visited a lot of amazing people and many of them are reading regularly and are praying consistently to know what they should do with our message.... We're gonna have to wait and see what happens.  PRAY ALWAYS.  MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN.  Just need faith.  And blood and sweat and tears.  And then a little more faith.  ;D

Lots of more awesome lessons, although we had a lot of stuff fall.  We currently are working with a woman of another faith who is particularly hard... But, she is finally listening and takes notes and we believeshe is on her way to something amazing.  Once again.... We have to wait and see.  It's all just a process.... just a process with like 15 awesome investigators who don't know what they think at the moment.  You know how it is.

Way too much time on a bus for district meeting and such.  Also, my zone is AWESOME because the changes brought two of my best friends in the mission to the zone.  I LOVE YOU LUJO AND YES WE'RE GONNA SHARE A DORM OR SOMETHING AT BYU.

Well... Bus.  Bus to Teguc for a very important meeting and a very important number that I'd be singing with Elder Hircshi, Elder Tuft and Elder Westberg.  Then I got to work in one of my old areas with another one of my closest friends in the mission.  I didn't get super baggy or anything. 

BIG DEAL.  Here it goes.  The reason I went up to Teguc.... Is because our mission had an amazing opportunity to hear from one the the Lord's 12 apostles, Elder Russell M. Nelson.  And... I GOT TO SING FOR HIM.  AND SHAKE HIS HAND.  There's very little else I can say.... But what I CAN say, is that mission work and family history work are the most important.  ;D  Afterwards....  We got on a bus again.  -.-  Still, AMAZING DAY.

Not a lot to tell.  Just a good day.  And... 18 PEOPLE IN CHURCH.  THE BEST WE'VE HAD.  ;D  We have good things coming!

And... that was my week.  Next week I'll probably tell you all a little more about specific investigators... but, until then.... I love you all.  Have a great day and great week and know that I'm praying for all of you.

Elder Kristian Huff

Song of the Week:  Coming Back Around, How to Train Your Dragon.  Dedicated to San Marcos.

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