Monday, August 17, 2015


Um... GUYS, This has been the FASTEST change of my life!!!!  I've been in San Marcos for a month and a half!  How??  When???  I'VE BEEN HERE IN HONDURAS FOR MORE THAN A YEAR  I AM SO CONFUSED.

Okay... Had the freak out.  It doesn't even feel REAL guys!  How has the time gone so fast?... Thi is gonna kill me and I still have like, a year left.  So...  Well, onto the week.

This week was a pretty rough week, but not for anything that investigators are doing or anything... We actually have a huge amount of investigators that are progressing.  They just all need to get married.  .....  I swear, by the time I leave San Marcos I'll be a certified minister, if we actually marry all these people.  But hey... Families is the goal, right?  But what made the week hard is that I got sick.  That's IT.  Nothing else!  But it made it SO hard to work!!!  BUT... Finally I'm on the uphill slope.  Almost recovered.  Almost.

At some point I'll have to give little stories about investigators, but for right now, I think I'll stick with the most amazing one from this change.

First off - Guys, San Marcos is one of the 'hard' areas in the mission.  It may have to do with the fact we aren't even a branch and that we are more than an hour and a half away from everything, but this is an intense area.  I only say this, because I NEVER thought I'd come here.  It is a huge opportunity and I've learned a LOT.  But, with that said... the story.

When I was saying goodbye to the people of the Villa Olimpica, one of the last familes I visited was a recently married couple.  SUPER awesome.  Honestly, they were some of my closest friends in the Villa.  Bah... who am I kidding, everyone was one of my closest friends...  BUT anyway, as I was saying goodbye, they asked me if I knew where I was going.  I told them I didn't, that we don't know until we're practically on the way.  And we talked a little bit about some of the areas that they were familar with and such, when all of a sudden, the wife's eyes get really big, and she goes, 

'Elder Huff!  You could go to San Marcos!'

And I was like.... Uh, no.  Probably not.  They send REALLY good missionaries there.  I don't think I'm a bad missionary necessarily, but I'm not going to San Marcos.  And that's the truth....  But she wasn't convinced.  She then told me,

'No, Elder Huff, you could go to San Marcos, because that's where ALL my family lives, and NONE of them are members.  Elder Huff, there's a lot of areas, and you're probably not going there... But IF you do, CALL ME and I'll help you find them.  Promise me that if you go there, you'll find them.'

And, although I didn't think much of it, I told her that I would.

And.... Then I came to San Marcos. I called her, told her, and she gave me the information, saying I needed to find someone that everybody called 'Churri'... But apprently he lives really far away, and he's hard to find, and....  Although I tried to find him... I had no luck.  So... I gave up the search.  And.... The family slowly slipped out of my mind.  San Marcos is busy....  I lost track of them.  

Then I learned just how hard the area is.... I was heartbroken.  I was tired all the time and NO one keeps commitments, even though EVERYONE has a testimony now of what we're teaching.  So.. Me and my comp decided to fast together.  Generally for help in the area, for inspiration and such.  And... The fast was freaking hard too!  Me and my comp were like, what do we do??  We're trying so hard, but nothing seems to be working!  All of our lessons planned that day fell, and everyone told us they couldn't come to church and it was just failure after failure.

So... We decided just to do some contacting.  During contacting, we gave a few short lessons, got some new investigators that didn't seem to positive, and then I saw a woman carrying firewood.  So... Me and my comp decided to help her.  After doing so, we began to teach a little lesson.  She wasn't even really paying attention, so we were pretty much ready to leave.  People were passing by, and she would just talk to them and not to us, and we were ready to quit and thank her for her time.  

Then, as I was reaching in my bag to leave her a note with our number, I hear her say,
'Hey, adios Churri!'

.... And my ears perk up and I WHIP around and say without a beat of hesitation, 'CHURRI DO YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER THAT LIVES IN THE VILLA OLIMPICA?'

And I see him for the first time, kind eyes, just like his daughter's, big smile, a little bit older, and he responds a little surprised,

'Well, yes, I do actually!  Why do you ask?'

....  And.... Now we're teaching their family.  

There's little more I can say to describe all the feelings I have from this moment.... But mostly, it just.... It just teaches me that this isn't my work.  I'm not out here preaching what I want to preach, or even teaching those I want to teach.  This is God's work.  If he wants something done.... It's going to happen.  And... I'm just really grateful.  I find myself learning more every day.  But.... Just thought you guys would like to know.  Love you all.  Be safe, and know that God really is in charge.  All you have to do is ask.

Elder Kristian Huff

Song of the Week:  Here Comes the Sun,  The Beatles.

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