Monday, November 24, 2014

Where to Begin.......

Lara and the fam, Steph, Lizzie, Blythe, Jessi, Ellie, Joy, Assael, Crys, Kailey, Rebecca, Love you All.  Thank you for the emails... As always.  Seriously.  THANK YOU.

Okay.  Where to begin. Okay..... Let's do a day by day.  Here we go.


Started out as a normal day.  We planned, we started to work, and then.... The call that would change my life for the next 48 hours.

'Hey, Elder Huff?  This is Hermana Bleak (she is a missionary in our zone after changes).  Would you maybe want to help us sing a songtomorrow for the conference? And maybe play piano if you can?'

.... Conference?  Sing? Piano? TOMORROW?

'Hey yeah sure why not?' .... 'But probably not the piano. I can't play that well.'

AND THEN divisions spur of the moment that lasted all day with Elder Webb (cuz he was one to sing in the performance as well).  Now.... Here is how it went down.  To start, something to know about singing in Honduras.... No one really knows the songs or hymns. EVER.  So.... it usually goes down with someone giving a rough tune and then everybody just going for it.  The result is never pretty.  EVER.  And this song we were out to perform was no different... Elder Webb has never really sung before, and in addition to us 2, there were 2 other companionships of Hermanas.  No one could hold a tune but me, in all honesty... Next question from Hna Bleak. 'Can anyone play piano?  I have music here for Come Thou Fount, so.... We should sing that.'  I looked at the music.... It was barely a score.  So.... I sat down and did what I have done with a million songs the past few years.  

I made a five verse arrangement off the top of my head. I MISSED DOING THAT. Days of Glee flashbacks.....

Long story short, after several mini voice lessons, several hours of working to get everyone on the same key and tune, as well as CHANGING the key about a hundred times to fit these girls (and Elder Webb's) voices, we had something decent.  Typically though, if I wasn't belting it out behind the piano whilst playing, the group still couldn't stay on key.  

So... What is the most obvious action for God to pull on us?  

Yep... Thanks Mom.... 'Hey, have you gotten sick? You can be honest, okay???'


.... Yeah, sickness. Nothing in the stomach.... All Central... in my throat.  Try Seven Brides all over again. Literally NO voice at all. I sounded like death.  And thus we performed.... 

ANNNNND THEY ROCKED IT.  TOTALLY ON KEY, ALL TOGETHER, ALL PERFECT.  I was SO astounded.  Speechless (literally and figuratively).  It was beautiful.  And the conference, as I found out, was a multi-zone meeting for all missionaries for notes from the president.  Nothing too big happened.  Although, I did get a few comments for looking like a rockstar pounding out the piano during the song (because obviously there were emotional parts and then super intense belty parts.  Obviously.  Come on. Is that even a question?).



'.....Wanna proselyte?'

'..... Yeah okay.'


'Hey Elder Huff, do you want to go to Tegucigalpa and to the temple tomorrow for old converts of mine from a year ago?'

'YES when do we go?'

'Hmmm.... 20 minutes?'

'....Wait what?'

...Later That Night.... In Teguc....



'Hola Elder Huff.  Quiere dar un discourso en Domingo sobre el Idioma del Espiritu? Lo Siento, es cierto es un poquito tarde.... Pero como un misionero, usted esta.... Siempre listo, verdad?'
(Translation: Hey, Elder Huff.  You wanna give a talk on Sunday?  Sorry it's short notice, but as a missionary, you are.... Always ready, right?  (Those are lyrics in spanish from Called to Serve. 'Liistooo, siempre liistooo.....'))


TEMPLE OF HONDURAS.  INCREDIBLE.  All in Spanish, of course.... And the last time I did Temple in spanish was my first week in my mission.  So.... This time was a bit better. Like a LOT better.  Like I actually understood what was happening.  It was beautiful, of course, and I cannot WAIT to go back.  I could say a lot.... But I don't think I could find words.  It was amazing.  That's all I can say.

Also, I had a cheeseburger.  From McDonalds. Yes, of course I did. 'These make me... Very happy.'

Also, I bought a camera that works. Love you Mama. Pictures Every week from now on.

And Teguc is freaking awesome.  It's like a big city.  Probably cuz it is a big city.

.....Later That Night.... In Danli....

BAPTISM NUMBER 5!!!  Senia Maria Flores Peralta (17).  Elder Roldan baptized her, and I actually had to give a talk at her baptism spur of the moment also (this kind of became a pattern for this week).  Incredible as always.  

.... Oh wait I have a talk tomorrow.  In spanish.


Well... I gave my first talk in Spanish.  The subject.... What language does the Spirit speak?  

In a nutshell, I think I spoke the best spanish I have spoken while on my mission, as well as had moments in English to teach ideas.  The idea, exactly? -  It doesn't matter what language you are speaking, if it's spoken with the spirit, you somehow understand.  And... During those moments in English.... Well......  I can only hope that the congregation felt it.

Later that Day?



Well, here we are!  

Overall... This was a wonderful week.  Super unexpected, but... Incredible.  I am no longer sick (for the record) and I have never been so grateful for a P-Day.  I love you all.  I am grateful for you all.  Teguc is awesome, the work is awesome, I am FREAKING tired, but I feel GREAT.  If any of you ever need anything.... Send me an email.  I read all of them, even if my time is limited, and if it is urgent... I will find a way to respond.  ALSO.... ALWAYS SEND PICTURES!!! JUST OVER COMPUTER! I LOVE them.  But... Anyway.... I love you guys.  Have a good one. That's the news from a gringo in Honduras.

Elder Kristian Huff

P.S. Apparently my dad kicks butt on the dance floor. Just so you all know.

Song of the week - dedicated to my Dad - Don't Stop Believing - Journey


Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Awkward Moment

Well hi!

So.. I just wanna dive right into this one. Cuz this week was SUPER awesome and SUPER awkward.  So.. Shoutouts, Steph, Jessi, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Blythe (THANK YOU FOR PICTURES TELL EVERYONE I LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH.), Emma-Lee, Alisse, Mexi, JOY, And..... I think that's all.... But yeah.  Thank you all, as always.... I cannot put into words my gratitude every time I see an email from each of you. You are all such blessings in my life and BAHHHH thank you.

Okay.  Story time.

Francely Denia Peralta and Elder Huff
First, BAPTISM!  Francely Denia Peralta (11) and I baptized her (I LOVE THAT FEELING GUYS.).  Pretty awesome. We have a few more lined up for this month... SO PRAY FOR SUCCESS. But anyway, she is freaking awesome and I love my job.

Next, a little bit of what Honduras is like. I feel like I haven't given a lot of specifics.... So... Here's a little of the day to day stuff.

1. Honduras is a different world. Completely. Like.... One Elder describes this place as Africa but a little cooler (unless you're in the south, in which case you are currently dying of heat stroke. DEFINTELY look forward to that area.)  This place is seriously third world, and I am not even living in the poorest parts.  The general forecast for Honduras goes as follows:

Holy freaking cold at night. Or maybe holy hot too.
Holy freaking hot during the day.
Randomly rains for like... 30 minutes to an hour. Spontaneously. No real warning.  And it's vicious. 
Then holy freaking hot 5 mintues later.

Then, you can look at my area and the colonies included. We live in a central Colonia Vista Hermosa.  The areas (mine is Laconse) are divided up by these said colonies.  My area ranges from Piedra Ancha (which is literally hiking a mountain to reach. We go at least twice a day, because why not.) to Los Robles (which is like traveling through a jungle and THEN hiking a mountain.  We maintain that colonia at least once a week because WHY DOES THAT COLONIA EXIST.) to Laconse (where our chapel is located. Yeah, we have a chapel. And it's actually pretty nice too!) to about 7 others. We proselyte all of them during the week, and we currently have at least 2 in every given area.  Not all progress, granted... But we teach still. And, this place is kind of a jungle. In some places. Well, a lot of places.  
That's the general layout of my area, but now on to the GOOD stuff.

2. Food.  We eat beans eggs and tortillas.  That IS our diet. And we eat these little pieces of heaven called Baleadas regularly too, and those are like... Burritos, but better.  Super burritos.  Also, burrito literaly translates to little donkey.  We buy at a supermarket once a week on P-Day, and the rest of the week, you can buy little snacks and bags of water (which aren't so interesting anymore) and other drinks and really just about everything you need at these places called Pulperias.  
Which, side note... All houses are squares or rectangles, rarely more than 1 level, and they have bars for all entrances.  Windows, bars.  Outer doors, SCARY looking bars.  Inner doors, huge thick rectangles of pure metal and muscle. (Yes, there are two sets of doors to get into the houses. There are some pretty sketchy people here.)  And, as a side note, there are no door handles. You CANNOT enter a house without a key.  Only locks.  Interesting, huh?  
Reason I bring that up, is cuz you buy everything through these little doors in said scary metal barred doors.  And, you learn how to pronounce all trademarks in Spanish accents... Or they LITERALLY do not understand you. 
'Hola, solamente quiero un Mountain Dew.'  
'.... Que?'
'.... Sigh... Quiero un mohn tehhhn jyew.'
'OHHHH Okay! Bueno!'

Like.... Really? Really?

Other than that.... Most stuff just tastes different. Like Mountain Dews, and Doritos (which are spicy and FREAKING AMAZING) and yeah.... Coke and gatorade taste the same... And... Yeah. Also, you only drink water out of bags.  Seriously was weird to get accustomed to.

3. People.  People here fall into three categories.... 

1 People you don't talk to.
2 People you try to talk to. 
3 Members.

1 People you don't talk to include the people who lack 2 or more limbs sitting on the side of the street begging for money, people who are clearly drunk, people coming out of another church, people who are smoking something that isn't a cigarette, people who see you and start toward you with clear purpose of asking for your money, or any combination of the above.  That's the general.  Also, groups of young kids are surprisingly frustrating.  There are areas where literally you will hear 'Ey Mormones, quieren cafe?' about 66 times in 15 minutes. I'm not kidding. That's like ALL people know about us. The coffee thing. Or they ask how many wives we have.  The usual.

2 People you try to talk to include everybody else.  Usually they don't wanna talk to you.  This introduces awkward moments... Like this week.
We have had doors slammed in our faces. Many times.  We have had people straight up say 'I hate mormons. Go away.' and even cuss outs where people bring out bats (Nothing ever happens though... Thank heaven.).  And... Then there was Friday....
On Wednesday I decided to ask a woman at a pulperia to hear our message. She was SUNNY as could be. 'Oh defintely! I am free EVERY DAY ALL DAY! How about Friday at 10:30? Okay! Thanks Mormons!'  
.... Until Friday came.  Her house doesn't exist.... Typical, no surprise, honestly.  Happens a lot.  UNTIL, we saw her at the SAME PULPERIA AGAIN!  I didn't want to be all awkward... I just wanted to ask her if she would rather not meet with us.  No big deal if no, right?
.... Oh if ONLY she had said no.
I go up.... She is facing away from me, leaning on a counter.  I ask, Hermana Lisek?  .... No response.  
.... a bit louder, Hermana Lisek? ... No response. 
Hermana Banegas?  As clear as I can be, Hermana BANEGAS? People are now looking at me, choking back laughter, including my wonderfully helpful companion.  The HERMANA is choking back laughter without ever looking at me.  I TAP HER ON THE SHOULDER FOUR TIMES. HERMANA BANEGAS.  ..... AND NOTHING.  
PEOPLE WERE LIKE, HEY, THIS GRINGO IS TALKING TO YOU.  AND SHE PRETENDED TO HEAR NO ONE. What?  Who DOES that?  Hondurans do that.  Roldan, after having walked away awkwardly with no real resolution, says to me... 'okay.  I have seem some investigators that don't wanna hear it.  But that's tops the bill of all awkward.'  

Now, I don't know if the story seemed awkward to you all reading... But guys... Imagine living this moment.  Just... Try.  Oh, Honduras.... Other moments include using words that mean things they don't in English (thus calling a random dude marvelous and beautiful and my gift from heaven whilst trying to make fun of a gooey lovey dovey couple, amongst others.), getting asked if we believe Joseph Smith is Jesus and why Mormon doesn't appear in the Bible and if he doesn't, he never existed cuz no one existed outside of Jerusalem in that time and that Jehovah is DEFINTELY God the Father and Jesus is the Son and the Holy Ghost is a bird that only existed with Noah to tell him about the flood ending.  ....Um......

3 Members. Well... That's about it. They are just there. They wave to you and smile at you and invite you to come over once in a while. And.... Yep.

4.  General living.  

We live a pretty normal life other than that, comparatively.  We wash our clothes in our pila or use a laundry machine of our bishop if the situation permits here and there.  We eat cereal with milk that comes in boxes and doesn't need to be refrigerated and tastes like... not milk, at first. Not bad, just different.  We have fans which we use speratically during the night depending on the Antartica to Mordor scale that regularly makes up our nights.  We walk a freaking lot.  We work out and I actually think I am in better shape now than when I left.... And I DEFINITELY have built muscle. Even though I don't think anyone notices cuz my companion is the Guatemalan Hulk.  
We teach a lot. I sing when occasion permits and dance in the little things.... I tell stories and show pictures of shows I've done and friends I have and we have fun. All in Spanish, of course.  Which is kind of cool.... I totally got my first super compliment this week.  Friend of another pair of missionaries was talking to us and he stops and goes, 'hey you, gringo.  Your spanish is pretty good, bro. How long you got in your mission?'  'Um, a little more than three months.'  'Wait WHAT.'  ..... YES.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  That was an amazing moment, but seriously though, my spanish probably isn't that great.  It doesn't FEEL that way at least, but all in all... Learning a new language is a TRIP.  I dream in Spanish, I translate songs into Spanish, and I usually fall into a spanish accent whilst talking in English.  

Well... I just wanted to lay out the ground work of the mish!  I love it here. I love the work.  I am living in Heaven.... Just, Heaven in Spanish.  I probably sounded a bit sarcastic in this one.... That is ONLY for the sake of the funny stories.  I rarely get frustrated or angry.  I just laugh a lot at some of the stuff that happens here!

But anyway.... I love you guys.  Be safe.  I miss you, AND PRAY ALWAYS. 


Elder Huff

Song of the week: Where No One Goes by Jonsi from How to Train Your Dragon 2

Monday, November 10, 2014

So...Last Week Wasn't Even a Surprise compared to...THIS WEEK!


I don't even know what to say.  There are so many things I want to say. But how to say it. GAHHHHHHHhhhhhh

The package came.

Guys... I bawled. I honestly have not legitimately cried yet on my mission, like REALLY cried, but I did when Elder Roldan walked in with this package.  For those of you that have no idea what's going on... I'll catch you up.

This week, all the district and zone leaders had to go to Teguc for a meeting (and, btw, my comp is our DL. So... We sometimes have to do a lot of extra stuff. Which is awesome. My comp is kind of a boss.).  During this meeting, I had to do a 2 day long divisions with the other DL in our zone's comp, Elder Maldonado, in a TOTALLY different area. It was SOOOOO weird. Great, but long and weird and just different from La Conse - my current home. But... I got a call during these divisions. In the midst of the meeting, Elder Roldan had a CRH with a certain package that I was certain I wouldn't recieve until December..... And, long story short, when I got home from the LONGEST divisions of my life (because I wanted to get to my package), I finally had the opportunity to open the box.

So... With that said... My shout outs for this week consist of two parts. Emails... And letters recieved with 19 Adventure Time stickers, a few of which are on the back of my plaques now as we speak.

Emails: Blythe, Emily, Lizzie, Steph, Jessi, Lara, Becca, My Rebecca, Emma-Lee, MIKAELLA (totally forgiven, I am just glad you're safe), Mrs. Shiles, Alyssa, and all the fam, of course.

Letters, with a HUGE thank you and whole lot of love and tears at every single one of your letters: (You will all get letters hopefully soon... I just got the package on Thursday, So give me a couple of days or so.)
Steph, Kailey, Robinne and Connie, Aubrei and Homer and Shane and Marlene and Paige and Dallin and really all of the Greenwoods, Joy, Crys (special thank you for all the help in preparing the surprise also!), Cierra, Isaac, Hinckley and Christian and Sabrina and Jessi, Lizzie, Kaylie, Kevin, Natalie, Mom #2 and all the Fellows, my incredible brothers, my incredible sisters (one of the steampunk gears is also on my plaque currently), and all of my wonderful family.

Guys, I do not deserve you all. You are such wonderful people. Your letters all made me cry and I just can't put into words the gratitude I have for each of you. Each word just filled me with pride that I was a part of your life, and I will try to continue to be through the short messages I can share each week. You all amaze me.  I think I freaked out my companion a bit, from the fact that I would be crying a bit pathetically, and then let out a 'FREAK YEAH, YOU GO GIRL. I AM SO FREAKING PROUD OF YOU. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.' (looking at you, Joy).  And this among many other reactions, all of which are out of my deepest gratitude for all of you. In case any of you didn't know what happened exactly, my wonderful mother who I REALLY don't deserve sent me a surprise birthday party in a box, in which included all of your letters and lots of other stuff that I think I will reserve for the personal letter to my family. 

Overall, I just want to let you know how grateful I am for all of you. You light up my life, even here, a world away.  It just reminds me that we really aren't that far.... I just... I love you. Each of you. I Love You. Good luck in all of your endeavors, and keep an eye out for letters. I have no idea when they will come, but they will.

Also.... The package came on my 3 month mission anniversary.  Talk about a celebration...

I love you all. Just remember that.  Typically I write messages and stories, but this week... Those are reserved for my family. But be ready.... Baptisms are on the way soon!!!!

And, if you want something funny in my every day life... My comp, big gruff manly man Roldan, LOVES the song Let it Go.  He has and does dance around like a fairy in our house quite often to that song. (He laughs like it's a joke.... But I think he secretly enjoys it. Like... I KNOW he does.) 

Hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you all.

Elder Huff 

Songs of the Week: What A Wonderful World/Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Dedicated to all of my friends back at home - when you miss me or anything like that, listen to this song.  it makes me very happy.  

Also When can i see you Again by Owl City.  Dedicated to my brother Jakob, my Family, and everyone else!

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Week of Surprises!

Hola mis amigos!!!! 

Estoy MUY agradecido por la oportunidad a enviar mis pensamientos sobre esta semana y tambien los momentos que ha cambiado mi vida!  Porque en realidad.... Cada dia en el campo misional cambia mi vida.  PERO... Okay! Asi es!

Hi everybody.  Translation, HELLO MY FRIENDS! I am grateful for the opportunity to send my thoughts about this week and  also some of the moments that have changed my life. Because honestly... Every day in the field changes my life. BUT.... So it is!

Entonces.... (so....)

This week really was a week of gratitude.  I have some of the most incredible friends in the world, both in Utah and Honduras. I wish to thank everyone for the emails, both about my birthday and also just about your lives... I love them, and it humbles me that you would take time to send me a little bit of your life in words.  Thank you, Emma-Lee (I don't mind the 'rant', dear. Thank you for talking to me), Steph (If I could only desribe how much I miss you. And... THAT IS WAY TOO AWESOME. AND BY THAT I MEAN ALL OF IT.), Lizzie (I am so proud of you, girl...), Emily (YOUR HAIR THOUGH), Jessi (AHHHHHHHH FANGIRLING FOR YOU), Blythe (Break a leg!!!!! It'll be awesome, I'm SURE!!! And send my love to all the cast!), Natalie (just look for your personal email this time), Lara and the fam, Austin (Love the poem. Blew my mind, bro.), Jeri (I was laughing so hard about the smashing.), Kailey (AHHH I AM SO EXCITED. And thank you...), Sabrina (thank you.... I study that song, I swear.), And of course, my mexi (Bro, I found a weird spelling of your name in the Bible. 1st Samuel, I think. I keep forgetting to mention it. And I love you. And I miss your body. And soul and stuff.). 

Baptisms with Nazareth and Dayani
(from last week)
NOW.... The stories of this week.... Although I have to say that a lot of what I will write makes me a bit emotional and that much more grateful for the gospel in my life. So... Here goes.

Number 1.... Many of you have asked what happened to the man who was bit by a dog. As a quick recap... We went up to the poorest looking house ever to find him in a cold sweat in severe pain, almost dead, honestly, with several deep wounds in one hand and other smaller bites on his legs.  We then gave him a blessing and left. I have been worried sick about him ever since, but.... Never had time to visit again. Well.... The story continues this week. And.. actually comes to an end, for that matter.
This week, while at church, about 30 minutes in... Walks in this family. I recognized them vaguely, but couldn't remember.... Until he walked in. In a shirt and tie, a huge smile on his face, takes my hand, that is now completely, miraculously healed, and thanks me for inviting them to church that day when we gave the blessing.  He is stronger than ever, and has since returned to work.  He is doing wonderful.

Yeah.... Priesthood is real. I don't comprehend it.... But apparently many people in Honduras do, cuz we have given 4 blessings this week alone. For those men who may be reading this... I am sure many of you understand this divine power better than I do. But I wish to remind you, with my solemn witness of its power, that this power is sacred, and it works according to our faith. But... Faith without works is dead.  So, if you may be lagging a bit in an area that needs fixing... Do it now. Cuz as I have learned... You will NEVER know just how much can come to pass through that power and authority. Earn the right to hold it... As I am now trying to do. 

But yeah. Pretty incredible, right? 

Next... I want to take a moment to talk about my 19th birthday.

My birthday was a day of.. peace. Just calm. I woke up at the usual time.  I got up, studied, and prepared for the day. The day before was divisions, so I was actually with Elder Webb, a fellow gringo, and probably my closest friend here in Honduras currently, save my comp. The divisions the day before were WEIRD and way badly planned.... So I was a bit anxious for the day. So, I asked him what time he wanted to start proselyting that day, and what time I would switch back to my comp.  He was like.... 'Eh. I don't know.... Roldan will call
His Zone - Closest to him is Elder Webb

around lunch. Bro, I am tired. And we get our money today. So... LEt's head into central and get our cash, then we'll think about proselyting.'  
I'm like... BREGGH Okay fine. We do need the money. But he was being SO LAZY.  But honestly.... It didn't bother me much. As long as we weren't lazy once work started... It's all good. I felt like that day was a new start. And it really was, too! We headed into central, got our money, and came back to our house.  We come in, and I firmly state that we should head out and start working.  He had taken off his tie and lounged in a chair. He goes, 'nahhh.... Dude, just take off your tie, get something to eat.. just take it easy. It's your day, right?' followed by a way kind smile. I'm like... okay. Only for a bit though. AND I'M NOT TAKING OFF MY TIE. Only for food. I go to the fridge.... Open it... To find a crapload of food. We usually have like... Milk. And here was meat, and corn, and tortillas, and vegetables... And I'm like.... Wait, What?
I happen to hear some laughing outside. 
Awwww... I head out, and see ALL of my zone (the men) standing there with a cake. 
Mom, getting emotional? 
I'm like... Awww thanks guys, you're all aweso-...' Wait, why all the cameras?


I feel this SMASH against my head. Followed by like 7 more.  Yes... One thing I failed to mention about birthdays.... They smash eggs on your head. And it got on my tie. 'just take off your tie.....'  Oh thanks Webb.

So... This peaceful, reflective day quickly turned into a freaking fiesta of food and laughing and singing and all kinds of stuff. IT WAS AWESOME. 

In a nutshell, we did go out working, and we had some awesome experiences that day too. And thankfully... No more eggs. But seriously??? ALL of my investigators remembered my birthday. I was blown away.  It was a wonderful day.

But, as I did say honestly... It was a day of new starts. Because really.... This is the only full year of my life that I can offer to the Lord. So... I wrote a bunch of little things I want to work on for this year, and.... Well... I feel that it is all in progress now.  

I want to express my love for all of you. You are all such blessings in my life, and I look forward to seeing you all when the time comes. Until then... Be safe and pray always.

Elder Kristian Huff

Song of the week: Rain by Breaking Benjamin - dedicated to his Mom