Monday, May 25, 2015


Hey everybody!!!

So, frankly, this week was hard and I don't have much to currently report.  So... I'm gonna use another weekly family email day. I'll get you guys caught up on some awesome life changing doctrine princples..... NEXT week. :D

Love you guys.  Thanks to everybody who wrote me.... I'll do a combined shoutouts next week.  Also, Joy?  You're awesome. 

That is all. Talk to you soon. 

Elder Huff
 Song of the Week - Let it Be, by the Beatles (Across the Universe Edition)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hmmm...Mormons? (Part 2)

Honduras is great.  I mean, we haven't had water in like five days, but hey, what's a mission without a little adventure??  ... But seriously guys I miss having water.  Oh well.
Ashley, Joy (Your speech is gonna blow MINDS. GO TO GRADUATION MOM.), Nicolle, Steph (I do expect pictures ;)), Lizzie, Brittany, Nanny, Khiabeth, Donny, Kailey, Blythe... You guys amaze me.  Thank you dearly for all you wrote, and I appreciate the time you took to send me a little message.  I love hearing about your lives and you are all just awesome.  ALSO, WAY TO GO GRADUATING CLASS OF 2015!!!  Keep up what you've been doing, and you might be as cool as the class of 2014. ;)  ..... Okay, let's be honest, you are all probably better than us already.  But not cooler. Not yet.... :D
So.... Now the moment has come to finish my thoughts on being Mormon and all.  So.... I'm just gonna jump in.
Imagine we just finished the conversation, in the which we explained the basics of our beliefs to someone of another denomination.  Let's just imagine, then, that they then accept that we don't have totally weird beliefs.  But now....  I want to address again, why do we believe that THIS church is THE church?  Cuz that's a huge claim, right?  So... Let's look at it like this.
Is God divided?
I truly believe that almost all of our beliefs can be supported by the answer to this question.  Let me explain.
If God is not divided, it means one of two things:  Either ALL churches are true, or only one is.  It is simply not plausible to imagine that God will be directing two or three churches at the same time, but not the others, correct?  Because every church has different forms of following.  So, if that is the case, either ALL are currently directed by God, therefore assuming that form and custom are superfluous in His sight, and therefore our claim that Joseph was a prophet wouldn't hurt anyone - cuz if God did call him, all the other ones are still true too, right?  Well, I think we can all agree that not ALL churches are true.  If that's the case, varying forms and degrees of following His commandments are acceptable - which is NOT the case.  Therefore, the only other logical answer is that only ONE is currently directed by Him - because God is NOT divided, and therefore form and custom ARE important in His sight, and if we are not following how He wants, we are not in the correct denomination.
Now, why was it necessary to have a prophet, if we have God's word in the Bible?  Once again, I ask you - is God divided?  If it is written that God is the same, yesterday, today and forever, do we truly believe that?  Because if so, we believe that the order in which God works IS STILL the same as well!  And therefore, if God guided His children through prophets anciently, whenever His children were spiritually prepared again after rejecting the previous prophet, I would guess that He will NOT change that order, correct?  Which would also mean that the manner in which they were chosen and the gifts they possessed would not change either.  Therefore, 1. a chosen prophet would be chosen by a direct visit, as anciently, 2. a prophet would be able to reveal God's will for every given time, seeing as they have always been able to speak with God face to face, having been chosen by Him, and 3. a prophet would have the God given power and authority to use special gifts (such as visions, gifts of tongues, etc.) and to be able to show fruits of said gifts.  IF God truly is not divided, this is what we agree to.  Therefore, if the denomination does not have a prophet chosen in said manner, we are not in the correct denomination. If it so is that God is as He is described in the Bible.
If this is all true, then...  Our claim that Joseph Smith was called as a prophet is not as extreme as some people say.  And in that same point, the Book of Mormon coming forth is not as crazy either.  It makes sense, and it is evidence of the calling Joseph received.  And thus... Our beliefs may even make sense.

But now I'm going a step further.
Why do I know that THIS church is THE church?  Well... Like this.  If we all agree on the points I've listed... Then we need to go to doctrine, one last time.  How do we know that the Bible is true?  Well... Because what is written there has happened.  The prophets in the book therefore must have been called of God... And thus, we know they were true prophets by their fruits.  In this way we discern the false prophets from the true prophets.  Well....  Therefore....  A good number of pastors and prophets today have little to no fruit to show for the truthfulness of their calling.  They all rely on the same book and the same doctrine - the same doctrine which contradicts their claims to being truly chosen by God.  So, for me.... If you want to know if what the Mormons believe is true.... Look at the fruit that only THEY have.  And what is that book?
The Book of Mormon. 
You want to know why I know this church is THE church? 
Because of The Book of Mormon.  And if you want to know if Joseph was truly chosen of God, who received His word and His revelation... Well, try the biggest revelation he could have received.  Because, one last time, if we believe that God is not divided, here's what the Mormons can say:
If the Book of Mormon isn't true, all of our claims are wrong and our church is false.
But.... If the Book of Mormon IS true....  All of our claims are true, and our church is true as well.  Because God couldn't lie. And therefore, He Himself is directing this church today.
And just as a little ending tidbit....  You don't even need to depend solely on the words in the book.  You could truly just ask someone who couldn't lie... The same way that Joseph himself did. And if the Holy Ghost bears witness.... There must be something there.

And remember.... All of our claims, and all of the history we have to show, and really, the coming forth of this book and the supposed restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ.... began with a prayer of a 14 year old boy.
Love you all.  I hope that all that I said may touch your hearts, and that in the end, you will depend more on Him than on my words.  I am not perfect, nor do I have perfect understanding.
But He does.  Trust Him - and try the Book.
Talk to you soon.
Elder Kristian Huff

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hmm...Mormons? (Part 1.5)

Well hey everybody!

This has been a FANTASTIC week for the strict reason that I GOT TO TALK TO MY FAMILY YESTERDAY!  (and yes, Rachel, Ashley J., Tyler, you count as family.  I LOVE YOU GUYS AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!) 

Best Mother's Day ever.  And I'm not even a mother. :D  I just have the best one in the world.  Seriously guys.... I don't care if you are a mother or not, you gotta come and meet mine.  She'll be like, your best friend whenever you need it and she gives great advise and she's funny and super loving and super humble and like the best listener and she'll never let you feel alone and honestly blog is not the best way to tell you guys this.  I'll figure something out.  Either Way..... 



And I love you guys.  Frankly, this week is Mormons Part 1.5 because I kind of just wanted to write a few more personal emails.  Next week, I will continue. 

Tyler, Ashley J., Rachel (I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH), Nicolle, Moses, Joy, Rebecca, Enoch, Blythe, Kailey, Mexi Goodness.... You guys are the bomb.  And the best.  AND I LOVE YOU.

Have a great week guys.  This was a pretty chill week.  Also, Mama, I LOVE YOU, and if you feel like it, you can add in a few of the skype moments or phrases you feel are appropriate to share.  :)  

Well.... That's about it for now. Until we meet again.  On my email.

Elder Huff 

Song of the Week:  Best of Me by Sum 41, dedicated to all those who I left behind - I'll be coming back for every one of you.  I LOVE YOU!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Hmmm...Mormons? (Part 1)

Well hi!

It has been a great week, though long and a little difficult!  Mostly, we just had a lot of people from the crazy success last week who weren't as interested the second visit.  No big, it happens!  But other than that, it was a very chill week.  

Thank you to Lizzie, Nicolle, Joy, Blythe, Kailey, Crys, Neysa, Kaysi....  Thank you all dearly.  You are all wonderful.  Kind of trips me out that school is ending for you guys soon, huh??  Like.... I've been gone a long time.  O.O  9 Months this Wednesday....  Well, still have a few more before it's all downhill. :D

Big points of this week.....  Well, we are working hard with a few people that are pretty positive for baptism in the coming weeks, which is always good news!  They are all wonderful people and they are all sincerely coming to know for themselves little by little.  

Speaking of that... That is actually what I want to write about today. What conversion means, and why is it that THIS church is THE church.  I only can hope and pray that what I write comes out the way I wish it to.

It is amazing to see what it does to people when they come to know that what we teach is true for themselves.  I know there are so many people that have the restored gospel in their lives who still struggle so much knowing if it's true.  I have seen people fall away because of questions that seem unanswered.  And I don't claim to have all the answers either, though I can always depend in part on the experiences that I've had that brought me here.  But even then, there's always that lingering 'what if'.  

Okay, firstly... if anyone claims that members of this church are uninformed or blinded, I can state with total surety that generalizing an entire membership of a church is an unstable and even less-informed stat to stand by.  Now, I am also aware that we ourselves also do this in regards to other churches, generalizing and trying to categorize a belief system as 'a certain kind of people', be it good or bad.  So, before we get on that line, let me state the doctrine behind this phenomenon, as far as I understand it:   
The doctrine of Christ is perfect, but the people are NOT.  
As far as I understand, that's kind of the point, isn't it?  

So, with that said, I just want to present some of the strange things we apparently believe in a couple different ways.

If someone was talking to another person who was less than cordially with the church and our beliefs, they might say something like this (I take this from personal experience):
So, you wanna know what Mormons believe?  Well, pretty much they believe that some kid was visited by God and Jesus and they told him that every other church was false and an abomination.  Then, an angel showed him where a golden book  was hidden, and then he magically translated the book, because obviously the language wouldn't exist today.  And, apparently, if you read the book and pray, you will feel good and then obviously know that it's true, and thus, the LDS Church is the only true church on the world today.  There you go.

At that first glance, you would probably think, 'Dang.  these Mormons are freaking weird.'  And then from there, it would appear that we think ourselves better than other religions.  Then, as you get to know all of our commandments, you would think we are really judgmental and probably pretty stuck up.  From there, you would probably think to yourselves, 'how could a church that claims to be of Christ be so far from Him?'   

Yeah, I know.  These were my exact thoughts for years.  I never doubted God, though I definitely doubted this religion called Mormonism.  But, as the years passed, and frankly, during my mission, I have come to see that presentation is very important - and the most important point I can focus on is the Doctrine connected to the belief or event.  Let me explain, but in different words. (Doctrine will be highlighted in parenthesis.)

You wanna know what Mormons believe?  They believe that a young boy who was very lost in a growingly confusing world was concerned with the truths of salvation, and therefore decided to ask the only person who could tell him the truth - thus, he asked God (Personal Revelation - Trust in God, Not in Man).  In this simple prayer (Power Of Prayer), he had an experience - we know that God can answer in many ways - one of which is through visions (Spiritual Gifts).  In this moment, Mormons believe that God and Christ themselves visited this young boy, and simply told him that the creeds of these hundred different churches were not following after the pure doctrine.  After years of the original church of Christ being divided into several sects, the apostles had a difficult time keeping the doctrine from changing - and when truths are changed, truth is lost.  After this experience, Mormons believe that this young boy was called as a prophet (Prophets, Old and Modern).  They also strongly believe in the Bible, and that as the scriptures say, for their fruits ye shall know them (The Bible).  So, although it is next to impossible to describe the whole story in a little blog, Mormons believe that God by a messenger revealed a book that contains the story of people and prophets in the Americas (God Reveals His Word To All His Children).  By the power and gift of God that is given to All His Prophets (God is the Same, Yesterday, Today and Forever), this modern prophet translated the book.  All Mormons now, as imperfect as they may be, invite everyone to read the book for themselves (Scriptures - Modern Revelation), and then the same as this young boy, ask of God and He can reveal the truth by the power of the Holy Ghost (The Holy Ghost).  If one does so, they will know that the heavens are not closed, and that Jesus Christ himself (Jesus Christ) is still guiding His church, as this book testifies of Him.  

Doesn't seem as rough, doesn't it?  If you want to get a general idea of what Mormons believe, just say 'Mormons believe in....'  and then read one of the phrases in parenthesis.

I have more to write still.... But my time is short.  I will continue next week.  Until then, I love you guys.  I'm seriously not done.  Get there next week.  Talk to you soon!

Elder Kristian Huff

Song of the Week: Joseph Smith's First Prayer