Monday, September 29, 2014

Lonesome Dying Polecat

Well. HEY.
So, shout outs, of course!  Emily (I still dont know how soon... but bear with me!!), Steph (I really love your emails.  I am REALLY sorry I dont respond directly often, but I WILL.), Lizzie (Well, if its coming from you... I can handle it. And its even more of a complement from you. :)) Kailey, Neys, Terry, Jessi! AND I LOVE YOU CAROLINE AND GRACIE AND TY AND LARA AND EDDIE.  JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW.  I love you all and my thoughts are with all of you.  I love reading about whats going on in your lives... And with anyone who is struggling in some way, I am learning more and more here that you need to trust yourself. Because God is preparing things constantly... So trust yourself, and ALWAYS talk to God about your questions.  Trust me, you will know what to do.

NOW, Since this has been my first like, legit week in the field, I can give a bit more description about life here.  
First, we cook all of our own food. So... if we aren't eating with a member or with the bishop, we eat eggs and bread.  
Little known fact about me? I can cook two things particularly well... 
Toast and eggs.
Boom. Almost like God sent me here or something.
Next, as I said before, I am in Danli!  It is not the poorest zone, but not by any means the richest either.  There are definitely sad sights... But Hey, like when Alma saw the poor, he rejoiced because they were HUMBLE AND READY FOR THE WORDS OF GOD. True here too!
They are all pretty set in their religions. So, we have a definite three baptisms for the 11th, with another 20 something pending (CUZ THEY NEED TO ATTEND CHURCH.) Not bad right?? The reason there is confusion with numbers of baptisms is because although many people really are set in their places of worship... They are too nice to turn us away.  So, four lessons and a baptism date later, they mention that they really don't want to join. 
Okay. No problem. Have you prayed about our message, at least?
....No.... But I don't really want to.

Yeah. In a nutshell.  BUT.... God works in mysterious ways.  So we aren't giving up, but that is kind of how the work in La Concepcion Danli is currently going.  Little by little... And by small means, God can bring about great things. Right???  AND, FOR THE RECORD.  SPREAD THE GOSPEL YOURSELVES.  BE FEARLESS.  The worst that can HONESTLY happen in the USA is they tell you no.  SO TRY!!!!!
Also, we had an AWESOME cultural night where they did a huge amount of native dancing and story telling and everyone knows their gringo and at one point, this beautiful Honduran dancer girl comes and grabs my hand and wants me to dance with her.

Hardest rule of my mission?  No dancing.... So... I had to turn her down... But I apologized afterward and she was being all jokingly sad and I was like... Okay, how about a picture with the missionary gringo who couldn't dance with you even though he wanted to?? (AND YES I HAVE PICTURES ON THE WAY I AM SORRY!!!)
....Well.... To my (kind of?...) dismay, she is like all, 'OH SI POR SUPUESTO AHORITA CON TODAS MIS AMIGAS??' (oh yes of course now, with all my friends) Followed by literally like twelve other dancer girls all FLOODING me and putting their arms around me and getting really close in various poses... (now, you all know me. But its been like, two months with NO feminine contact.  I am literally a lonesome dying polecat).  And that is SOOOOO against the rules.  So... About three other missionaries were all like 'NOOOO no no no no sorry but he can't be that close ladies!' and then a lot of laughing cause this all happened in about .09 seconds and apparently I was BRIGHT red with the look of a scared helpless child without a mother.
Except, I actually had like, thirteen willing mothers.

okay, weird analogy. Sorry.
ANYWAY.  It was pretty dang fun.  I love Honduras.  Especially cause I am the gringo in this area.  People that I never met yell OOF pretty much regularly. You kind of get used to it.  If only they would COME TO CHURCH.
Okay, next thing to tell, I teach English to a lot of natives too.  Which is funny.  Cause they will ask me to say something fast in English, and I will say something like 'well, the theory of flying pigs is completely inadequate in regards to what color my skin is.'  and then the laughter and the Spanish (that I STILL JUST DON'T CATCH ALL OF) and my comp rolling his eyes cause he understands English really well. Great, huh?

And, they make me try weird crap.  Like, you cut an orange open, and then you put salt and hot sauce on it, and then... kind of... squeeze the crap out of it and drink it at the same time.  Weird flavor.  But not bad. (sometimes I miss hamburgers).
And a lot of the women don't understand our missionary rules, so most girls still go for the kiss on the cheek (which is normal here) and I am getting better at the pull away and explain technique.
Practice makes perfect, right? And.. I am practicing. :P
And... Yeah. That's Honduras!  I love it.  It is incredible, and hot, and wonderful.


And finally, for a quick gospel related message, I want to share my testimony of Christ.  I have been reading the old testament, and I just finished the Book of Numbers, as well as a lot of random stories that i bounce around from (since Leviticus was nothing but Law of Moses rituals in PAINFUL detail).  Overall, what amazes me, is that all of the sacrifices that are described for literally EVERY possible sin of the Israelites, are only a similitude of the sacrifice of the Only Begotten.  Literally, of the history of the beginning of the world, in a group of people who really didn't understand the purpose of it, sacrifices were offered as a tribute of Christ's future atonement.  And the scriptures use those exact words: 'the priest shall offer this sacrifice as an atonement for sin - it is most Holy.' 
And the same goes for the BOM, and all covenants we practice today.  Christ is central.  He is the Savior of the world and literally, only through him can we be saved.  Baptism (my whole purpose right now) is a covenant in which we follow his example.  His sacrifice was most precious and His sacred calling was preordained. His eventual sacrifice was known from the beginning of our generation (IN the Old Testament).  He is our elder brother, but more than that, HE IS OUR GOD.  When we take upon us his name, we are becoming his sons and daughters! He loves us more than we can comprehend! And, yes, I note that all this information may make our relation to him insignificant - like to Him, you are just one of an innumerable number of people.  But that is the beauty of his atonement and preordination... His calling was most sacred, and through means that we CANNOT understand or BEGIN to comprehend, the atonement of Jesus Christ is literally the MOST personal action ANYONE can perform for another person.  Yes, it is universal in purpose, but it is most personal in application, power and in love.  The Savior of the world knows you by your name.  He knows you perfectly, BECAUSE he felt everything you have felt, and everything you will EVER feel in those final moments of his life.  And when you feel helpless... Remember that the Savior HIMSELF, a perfect being, asked God, 'Father, why hast thou forsaken me?' In the midst of being rejected by his own, he asked God why he left him.

Christ himself felt alone.

Never forget that. Because he offers you His love, if only we would listen.

Let Him In.

He lives.  And as a personal representative of Him, and with that authority, I promise ALL of you that if you look to Him for help... You will receive. For the Gospel remains the same, ayer, hoy, y para siempre - so let yourself ask of God, who giveth unto all men liberally, and unbraideth not, and it shall be given You.

Because he wants to hear from you.

Sorry if that was long - but this is my testimony, and I share these things in the Name of that same Savior, the Son of God, even Jesus Christ, Amen.
Hasta Ver.
Elder Kristian Huff

Song of the week requested via Elder Huff, You'll Be In My Heart

Monday, September 22, 2014

Elder Oof


Holy crap so much has happened.  Quick shout outs, Neys (You know I wonñt ever forget, and yes we wll hang out all the time), Mrs. Shiles (I love you, please keep sending the updates!!!!), Sara, Bruce and Elaine, Kailey (Thank you. I needed to hear it.  I miss you like crazy. And I will get you that letter!!!!), Nanny, Jessi, Lizzie, Emily, Crys (You know I will always love you and have your back), Sabrina (SABURRRNA TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH.... Chiste. (Joking.. mostly) ;)), Natalie (WHHHAAAT), Assael (Oh my gosh babe I cannot handle stuff like this here and I love your soul butt more), Steph (Your hair is perfect and you are more so) and Krista (seriously, thank you. It means more than you know.).


So, first, last stories of the CCM.

First, on my last P-day at the CCM, I wanted to spend it studying the New Testament.  What did I actually do?  Oh... you know... playing hardcore volleyball and basketball IN THE POURING RAIN.  AND DANCING TOO.  AND BEING WAY TOO EPIC FOR LIFE.  Yeah.  Story 1.

STORY 2.  Okay.  So there is this kid named Elder Evans. Seriously one of the nicest people I know.  Every day since I got to the CCM, he has asked me to sing You Raise Me Up for him.  And of course... I say maybe, and then... No.  Cuz I am a tease.  The girls back at home know what I am talking about, right?.......
ANYWAY, so he has asked me every day.  So... On my last day, at our last meal, the WHOLE CCM (About 400 peopleish) were all there, right? And I am sitting next to Elder Evans... So... I look at him and smile, and he goes.... #with HUGE eyes# 'are you... are you really??'  And... I was horrified.  I mean, this is intimidating.  I am so scared of looking stupid, but I promised him. So... I stand up, and... ask for everyone's attention - yeah, I am bold like that.  
Now, most of the people on the table have been waiting for this too, so they were excited, when out of the crowd, comes this 'hey, shut up gringo no one cares.' followed by latino laughter. Whew.... Cut me deep. But...I decide to suck up the insecurity that stabbed my stomach at that moment and sing the song for Elder Evans.  When I start, a little laughter still... Then I keep going... And.... Silence.  I sing my heart out for Elder Evans (And he starts tearing up), and I decide to go all the way and stand on a chair. LITERALLY all eyes on me, in dead silence in a room that makes my voice echo everywhere.  And... As I come to a close.... Silence.  Followed by the most earth shattering appluase and screaming I have ever heard.  Even from the same latinos who told me to shut up, stood with their jaws dropped.  (You might think I am trying to liven up the story... No.  All of this is EXACTLY how it happened).  It went on for a couple minutes... Many people came up and patted my back and hi fives and all kinds of stuff.
But that is not all... The president's WIFE asked for everyone's attention and announced that 'the spirit is incredible in here right now, and it is time for an encore'.  So... three more songs.  In the dead silence, while I stood on a chair.  

Scared as I have ever been.  But easily one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Love ya, Evans.

Story 3.  
A very dear friend of mine in my district has been struggling with his knees.  They are just messed up from sports and other stuff, and he felt it all of the time.. In pain once in a while and such.  
Now, this is one of those guys who is actually too cool for school.  He is awesome by every term. 
Next, whenever someone wants a blessing, it has to be through the district leader unless someone else is specifically asked.  
Finally, on one of our last days, Elder Kimball (his name) came up to me and asked me to give him a blessing. I figured he meant the oil anointing.  Then... He said, no, I want my comp to do the oil, and I want YOU to give the blessing.

I cannot in any way describe the experience other than this.  Everyone (9) stood in the circle.  And, in a way and with a clarity of mind I cannot express, I gave my first priesthood blessing.  I don't remember a thing I said.... But when I opened my eyes, I opened my eyes with a new faith.  This gospel is real... And I have a whole new appreciation for the priesthood.  And, I will never be able to express my gratitude for Elder Kimball.  It was one of the best experiences of my life.

One last exciting story,
on one of out last days, we mixed with the latinos to have the 'avoid danger and death on your mission' seminars.  And... I was asked to participate ina small project beforehand.  What ended up happening?  Well... The teacher expressed to the latinos the importance of learning ingles while on their missions.  And then I was called to the front.  I was then asked to show my spanish and practice some nw phrases in front of everyone with my teacher.  My teacher then said 'this is what happens when the Nortes practice Spanish, si?  All the latinos (and nortes) Responded with a firm reassuring 'SI'.  And then, my teacher goes:  YOUR TURN LATINOS.  Elder Huff will say a phrase in English, and you all repeat after him. GO.  Boom. Like, 70 latinos, and I gave them an ingles lesson, while doing explanations in spanish.  

The reason I ended with that story is because it is a perfect spot to start the story of my mission. 

I left the CCM feeling ready for the field.  I was trusted by my teachers, I had (mostly) earned a fair amount of respect with my peers and the latinos, and I felt ready to take on the world.

Then I got to Honduras. (And, for bishop, my first location is Danli).

So, the last few paragraphs I purposefully wrote as enthusiastic as possible (but they are all totally true, no exaggerations), but I purposefully wrote it with the tone of 'yeah, let's do this.'

I need to preface everything else I am about to say with this.  The people of Honduras are incredible. The best I have ever met. Even the meanish ones are still kind. I am honored to be here and I love these people.

Now, I do not want to say I was shell shocked.  I knew what to expect.  It wasn't the modest houses that hit me.  It wasn't the dirty streets or the skinny on-the-verge-of-death dogs everywhere. It wasn't the bagged water (yeah, that EXISTS) or the knock of cheetos called Cappy's (with a trademark cartoon cheetah with sunglasses also) or the severe lack of anyone white (which earns me lots of stares, as if the nametag doesn't do that enough).  

What shell shocked me - was the fact that there are so many sad people here.  Some of the saddest I have ever seen.  So many homeless with eyes glazed over staring at the ground, long given up on asking for money.  Elderly, drunkard and child alike.  It is hard to see that.  I will not send many sad letters... Regardless of what happens, I will usually only share the good.  But this is necessary for the next part to matter.

What shell shocked me more - what literally shook me to the core, is that there are so many HAPPY people here. The happiest I have ever seen.  Full of love for family, for community, for God and Christ (even though a lot of them have never read of a verse of bible in their life), and full of LIFE.  These people are in the humblest place I have ever seen. More than I dreamed possible.  But they are so happy to be alive in one of the poorest countries in the world.  
And the happiest?  
The members.  Because they have the best message in the world in their homes... And they love us.  Because we are sharing it.  THAT changed me.... They have little.  But the little they have.. they give to us. 
And why?
Because 'we are spreading the message that made them happy'.  I know the work is real.  I see the fruits of it every day.  Literally, everywhere.  I Love My Mission, and I Love Honduras.

washing clothes in a pila the
night he arrived in Honduras
Okay. Now that I put that all out there, here is a quick run down of my life here in Honduras.
My trainer is awesome. A guatemalan named Elder Roldan.  He is huge. Like... Buff huge. We work out HARD core. And he is a perfect trainer. His english is very good and he has 2 months left.  He is crazy cool.
Next, our house is great. We have to wash our clothes in things called 'pilas'.  THAT is awesome and way fun. Google pictures or something.  Next, and we have actually also earned the name 'pilas' among the members... Pretty much a slang for freaking hard workers.

On that note, we really do work hard.  I am EXHAUSTED but in a good way.  We have SO many investigators, with a total of 15 possible baptisms set up for Oct. 11.  Our investigator list is in the thirties... Which means we go on splits almost every day cuz WE HAVE TO. It is INCREIBLE.

On that same note, everyone knows me.  It is seriously like out of a movie.... I am walking down the street, and I will get about 30 something:
'Hey Huff, whats up?'

Yeah. I am well known... As OOF.  Even three of our young investigator girls have a special handshake that includes a couple snaps and finishes with a wipe of the hand across the forehead with 'OOF'.... Yeah. They like my name. Seriously out of a movie.

I am honestly the only white person.  A lot of people laugh at my spanish... But its okay, cuz then they ask me to speak english and they all go crazy.  Some of the natives that try to learn english ask for my help. Exciting... Honestly.

Well, I don't know what else to say.  I will probably give more specific experiences soon, but... I love the work.  Honduras is different, but in all the best ways.  A bit scary... But only because it is new.  To finish...

I want to tell you all I love you.  You are always in my prayers, and I honestly want you to know I know this church and everything tied to it are true.  I know it with all that I am.  

Haste ver, mis amigos.

Elder Oof

(Songs of the week by request from Elder Oof for this week and last week:  May It Be, I'm On Top of the World, It's Time)

Elder Huff with the Mission President and his Wife

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Last Week in the CCM (MTC)

Well, everybody?

I am leaving September 16th for Tegucigalpa Honduras. This is my last official week in Guatemala, and in the MTC!  And today, I went through the Guatemala City Temple for the last time!  Crazy, right?  I am SO ready for the field, I can't even describe.

Really quick - Nanny - the stuff at the temple is so awesome - it kinda made me freak out!!!  I love you.  Also, shout outs!!! Emily, Mikaella, Lizzie, Steph, Becca, Nanny, Crys, Neys, Ellie, Lara and the Girls, Joce, Blyth, Jessi and the mexican.  

And a really special one to Don Miller.  Thank you for the message.  I will respond next week. I love you.

Lara, Caroline and Gracie - I love you
Emily - I love you
Mikaella - I love you
Lizzie - I love you
Steph - I love you
Becca - I love you
Crys - I love you
Neys - I love you
Ellie - I love you
Joce - I love you
Blythe - I love you
Jessi - I love you
the Mexican - I love you brother

Well, first off, last Monday we went to the city - SHELL SHOCK.  Not really for me in all honesty, but several Elders and Hermanas were FREAKING out about it.  I just thought it was awesome and humbled me how these people live like this all the time - it is truly an incredible culture.  We saw some HUGE beautiful Guatemala Central Buildings and I actually got to take my Camera!  Pictures at some point....

So, run down of that?  We got to go to Wendy's (Which is totally not even a Wendy's - except the Baconator tasted the same) and that was great.  We also went to the Map, which has awesome history that I just don't have time to tell... Sorry. But it was way cool!  And finally, we went into the actual downtown market.... INCREDIBLE.  Different... As in there is meat hanging everywhere, the fruit and nuts are cut up and sold right there and there are more vendors than you can IMAGINE.  And everyone talks REALLY REALLY fast. I think I caught the majority of it... But it is crazy.  Best part of the day?  Me and my comp TOTALLY GAVE SOMEONE A LESSON AND A BOOK OF MORMON.  My comp was hesitant... But then I was already introducing myself to the woman before he could stop me.  Then he jumped in too, and we both bore our testimonies and offered a chapter to read as well as a quick connection to the Bible and the Authority that was passed down to Adam, Abraham, Moses, Christ himself, and the purpose of that authority in the restoration. And how did she and her 13 year old kid act? GRATEFUL AND INTERESTED AND SOOOO WILLING.  They took the book and the kid started reading as we left.  Only 2 companionships of three districts did it and YEAH WE TOTALLY DID.  That was the best feeling and I WANT TO BE OUT DOING IT NOW.  So... This week is probably going to be the longest and shortest week of my life.  I am not nervous in the least... I just want to START.

Anyway, so that was the market.  We also saw many people living on the streets and houses that were not really houses at all - it was very eye opening, and it makes me appreciate this message and Gospel even more.

But, since this is my last week here, I think I will give a quick run down of a typical day in the CCM.

6:15 Arriba y Preparar para el Día
6:45 Estudio Personal (Escrituras, Predicad mi Evangelio, Otro Libros de La Iglesia)
8:00 Estudio Idioma (Pre y Post Clase Work, especifico Gramática - I use TONS of flashcards and my district just barely started to catch on)
8:30 Desayuno (Typically beans and eggs of some kind)
9:00 TALL (A computer Spanish studying program - doesn't usually work.  Great idea, huh? ;))
9:30 Estudio Idioma Continue (Más Gramática)
10:30 Deportes (I have actually gotten pretty decent at basketball, and I maxed out yesterday at 200 lbs. in the bench press - which was my goal, so... YEAH.)
12:00 Almuerzo (Meat, rice and beans. pretty good, actually! And an Ice Cream - long story)
12:30 Enseñanza A (We teach an investigador)
1:30 Gramática 
2:30 Misionero a Misionero (A Missionary Investigador - each other)
3:30 Doctrina Fundamentales
5:00 Cena (See Almuerzo)
5:30 Enseñanza B (Another Investigador)
6:30 Gramática
7:45 Enseñanza Latinos (Yeah.. We teach a lot.)
8:30 Estudio Personal (I read the LDM out loud)
9:00 Planeamiento (Next day planning)
10:30 Lights Out

And there it is! Exciting right?  A lot of doctrine, alot of Grammar,and EVERYTHING is in Spanish.  We get in trouble for speaking any English now... And I cannot spell ANY normal english words right anymore.  

But yeah! A story or two?  One of our investigadores kicked us out during a lesson because our member present started laughing during his prayer - but to be fair, this investagador is mean and asked God to help him understand Chastity better cuz we didn't explain it good enough and our spanish is bad. Yeah... we got a little flustered during the lesson cuz he was asking WEIRD questions and we don't know how to say some things perfectly in spanish... So...That was fun. 

In all honesty, I am ready to get to the field.  it is incredible here - but it is time.  I want to do more and start doing the work NOT in a single chair in a classroom.  I have learned a lot about myself and about God's Power and about Christ's Sacrifice.... And I want to share it. 

I love this work.  Knowing the Grace of God and the power of the Everlasting Atonement, and the sacrifices that have followed since, including the Prophet Joseph Smith and countless members, why should we shrink from this work?  This is the literal work of Salvation of the souls of men. This is God's Work and Glory.  In all honesty, this week was the hardest for me.  I felt a lot of opposition.... But that made me rely on Christ and the Atonement even more. And I KNOW this is where I need to be.  I feel humbled and eternally grateful for this opportunity... And I will give it all I got.  Knowing all this, knowing the precious gift that is life, knowing the countless lives given for this cause, knowing our Savior and Redeemer conquered death for us.

One last thing... In the first Vision.... The first thing God says to Joseph is his own name. He calls him by name. 'Llamandome por me nombre..."  God knew his name.  The eternal father and Master of Heaven and Earth knew his name.  

He knows yours too.  Christ saw your face in Gethsemane.  They know you personally... And our whole purpose is to come back.  That is what they want, that is why we are here, and that is what I will preach every day for the next 23 month of my life. They miss you and they will help you every step of the way. Should we not go on in so great a cause?

Comparta el Amor. Hasta Ver.  (Share the Love, See you later)
Elder Kristian Huff

Song of the week - He Was Here from The Forgotten Carols (aka The Shepherd Song)

Here is the Schedule - translated for you:
6:15 - up and preparing for the day
6:45 - personal study (scriptures, Preach my Gospel, other book of the church)
8:00 - language study (pre and post class work, specific gramatica - I use TONS of flashcards and my district just barely started to catch on)
8:30 - Breakfast (typically beans and eggs of some kind)
9:00 - TALL (a computer Spanish studying program - doesn't usually work.  Great idea, huh?:))
9:30 - continue study language (more grammar)
10:30 - sports (I have actually gotten pretty decent at basketball, and I maxed out yesterday at 200 lbs. in the bench press - which was my goal, so ...YEAH!)
12:00 - Lunch (meat, rice and beans.  pretty good, actually!  An an Ice Cream - long story)
12:30 - teaching A (we teach an investigator)
1:30 - grammar
2:30 - Missionary to Missionary (A missionary investigator - each other)
3:30 - fundamental doctrine
5:00 - Dinner (see lunch)
5:30 - teaching B (another investigator)
6:30 - grammar
7:45 - teaching Latino (Yeah...we teach a lot)
8:30 - personal study (I read the LDM (Book of Mormom - BOM) out loud)
9:00 - planning (next day planning)
10:30 - lights out

Monday, September 1, 2014

Salvation is NOT Cheap!

Hola Mis Amigos!!!

Guys, I cannot express my gratitude for the amount of emails I get. It makes me cry every time and everyone else in here looks at me weird.

Well, actually.. The weird looks are endless.  

No problema.

BUT SERIOUSLY. You are all so wonderful and I love your emails.  Shout outs this week, Steph (Mi hermana en Cristo), Jessi, Natalie, Becca, Dallin, Ellie (Yeah... I have to... Te amo ;)), Crys, Enoch, Bruce and Elaine, NEYSA MY GOSH I LOVE YOU, Lizzie (And I LOVE ALL that you send me :)), Kailey, Nanny and of course, my mexi. I love all that you tell me and my deepest appreciation to all of you that interact with my family.  You are answers to my prayers, every one of you. You are all doing such wonderful things, and I LOVE hearing about it. NEVER STOP. It means the world to me!!!!

So, first off, congrats to the casting of You Can't Take it With You!!! That is amazing!!! ROCK that show, and always keep me posted.  Word of advice, if there ever comes a time that you are cast (or aren't cast - you know who you are) in a way that feels unfair and you are let down.... Let me tell you, I know it sucks.  And guess what?  SO DOES CHRIST.  He has felt all of the pain of rejection in this world... So as small as it may seem, turn to Christ. He understands perfectly.  He is your big brother. He ALWAYS wants to hear about the little things.  Because, as the scriptures say, by small and simple means, God can bring great and marvelous things to pass - including your testimony.  Remember that. And never lose hope.  Remember, faith without works is dead - so, you have the faith you can do something? Great. Now go work to make it happen, and NEVER give up.  In the words of my objetivo - Perseverar Hasta El Fin!!!!

Next, way to go everyone that is going to college\Mission papering and such!  That is INCREDIBLE and I am so proud of each of you for the work you have been doing! The above paragraph applies to you too, but more in regards of making friends\following your dreams.  I believe in you.  And, read Ether 12 - it is about faith.  I testify that through faith, ALL is possible - for God knows what you are capable of. And putting your faith in him can take you farther than you can imagine.  

A couple quick things about this week, Um.... It will be a month in like, a few days.  That's crazy.  Also, I started this thing at 9:30 at night, where a whole bunch of missionaries sing acapella hymns in Spanish every night.  We sound kind of gorgeous.  We have kind of become famous. As far as the CCM goes.

OH - And... The president's wife told me this story about how I remind her of someone she knew well back in Utah.  She said my voice, my attitude and my disposition all tie in to making me a lot like this one kid back in Utah.

I have been deemed by the President's wife as the CCM's David Archuleta.  So... If by some odd chance David ever reads this - Thanks for your testimony, friend.  It has blessed many people.  And seeing as how highly she speaks of you... It is an honor to be a kind of representative of you.  Or something like that.

But yeah. That's exciting. 

In all honesty, I feel overwhelmed.  Not by my mission, or by my worrying about you guys, cuz I know God makes all those things possible and all of you safe.  But I feel overwhelmed at this opportunity.  I love being here. I love the Gospel.  I love that I am preaching the things of the eternities - and I feel entirely inadequate.  But, I know that God is on my side - and he shall go before me, and I will receive the the things I must say in the moment I need them.  I feel overwhelmed because I cannot believe I am actually out here doing this.  I know I just started, but I never want it to end! My favorite quote of this week is as follows:

Missionary work and Life Itself are not easy because Salvation is not Cheap.

Oh wow.  Jeffrey R. Holland, bringing on the fire again.  But it is true. Life is hard. Because why?  Because Alma 34:32.  Now is the time to prepare to MEET GOD.  Do we suppose that should be easy?  This is a war against HELL ITSELF that we are waging.  So No, life should NOT be easy, because the salvation of our souls and the souls of those we love and serve is not, has never been and never WILL be CHEAP.  I just finsihed the Book of Mormon this week, and it broke my heart. I cried.  The Book of Mormon is true, and it is the Word of God.  It is sad, but if so, do NOT let it be for naught.  Study that book and LEARN and let the great change of heart come into you. I Love this Gospel, and I know that what I am preaching is real.  I stand amazed at the love Christ offers me, and my eternal prayer for all of you is that when the evening falls and the night comes on, you will always allow Christ to abide with you.  Walk with him by your side.  He loves you, as God loves you.  Esté es mi testimonio sincera. Y estas cosas yo digo, en humildad, sinceramente, en el nombre de neustro Salvador, y el hijo del viviendo Dios, sí, Jesús el Cristo, Amén.

Peace be the journey.  Pray always and feast on the words of Christ. Sing and dance with all your heart. Vivá la Vida. Compartá el Amor.

Elder Kristian Huff