Monday, April 20, 2015


Well Hey!!!

This week was a pretty crazy week.... Kind of an awesome week, actually!  But really, this week I'm a bit short on time.  SO... I'm going to hit the biggest things I NEED to tell, and afterwards.... Well... I'll write more next week.  ALSO, I'll respond to more personal emails next week.  Know that you are all in my prayers.  Every one of you.  ESPECIALLY those who need it right now.  Don't lose hope, and know that I am always here.  

So, onto the news.  As some of you have probabaly already heard.... I have been given a wonderful opportunity.

I have given birth.

I'M A DAD!  My wonderful new son, called Elder Putnam, just entered the mission field this week, and I have been given the blessing of being his trainer.  Also, my baby is white like me.  :D

I love him dearly.  Because he is my baby.  I am his mother. And Father.  In Tegucigalpa.  He's awesome.  We've already had amazing experiences, some of which I'm going to give the name, but not the explanation... That's for next week.

1.  'Let's hope for two.'
2.  'The Off War.'
3.  'The Sermon on the Dirty Honduran Street with a Bunch of Youth.'         .... Maybe I should rethink that name.

Those are the best.  BUT.... To be saved until next week.  Mama, hit up the pictures.  We also visited Valle de Angeles....  Or, you know, the most gorgeous part of Honduras.  And a waterfall.  I totally didn't take a shower.  Neither did my son.  Obviously.

I think that's about it....  I love you all.  Have a good one, and I'll talk to you soon!!!

Elder Kristian Huff

Song of the Week - You've Got a Friend in Me

Meet Elder Putnam

Swinging from a vine!  AHAHAHAHA!!!!  Tarzan!!!!

Climbing the vine - go Elder Putnam!!!

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