Monday, April 27, 2015

Awesome Week


But honestly.  This has probably been the happiest I've been while on the mission.  I'm learning a Ton and what's weird is that there is some STUFF going DOWN, but I don't even care!!!!  I'm so happy.  We ar working so hard and it doesn't even feel like it!  I don't even notice the heat lately!  And you know why???  Cuz I have the COOLEST SON EVER.  But you guys already knew that.  Seriously, I am having a blast.  But, to the email.....  SHOUTOUTS!

Nanny, Natalie, Crys, Kaysi, Ana, Moses, Nicolle, Joy, Jessi, Lizzie, Emma-Lee, Blythe, Chase, Samael, fam... I LOVE YOU GUYS.  Thanks for everything.  And, I've been thinking recently... If any of you have a question or something that you'd like me to answer, I totally would LOVE to.  Just send me the question, and I'll write about it one week or something!  I don't know what kind of things....  But....  I would love to.  So.. Option open!

ALRIGHT, so quick throw down of cool things of this and last week.

1.  Let's Hope for Two.
This came from a fantastic first week of hoping for a few new investigators.  We have to do daily planning, right?  So....  for like four days in a row, we put '2'.  Let's hope for two!  that's a good number, right??  and... Without fail....  We found like 10 new ones every one of those days. 
Like, what?  that's like 30 new people in four days.  It was Awesome, and clearly we had some divine help.  So... That's cool.  also kind of sums up work days with Elder Putnam,

2.  The Off War.
So... We have a lot of bugs in the apartment.  Like.... a LOT of bugs.  mostly cockroaches and spiders and ants.  And....  We were petty sure they lived in the walls...  So....  We decided to try to get rid of some of them....
We started by spraying a little bit in the cracks in the wood where we suspected some cockroaches might live.  To say the least....  We found them.  It started out as a lot of sickening crawling, then developed into an all out WAR as HUNDREDS of cockroaches came SWIMMING out of the wall.  We killed every one.  We did this with several walls.  

Haven't seen a cockroach in the apartment since.  SUCCESS.

3.  The Sermon on the Dirty Honduran Street with a Bunch of Youth.
This is exactly what happened.  We taught a group of like 20 youth cuz they were all joking when we walked by.  We made friends with them by joking around, then it became a big session of question and answer about our church as we sat on the side of a gutter and they surrounded us, and ended with a prayer in DEAD SILENCE.  A huge group of 15-20 year olds, dead silent during a PRAYER?  Doesn't happen.  But totally did.  Probably one of the funnest moments in the mission.  Plus, made a lot of friends.  Great times, guys.  Magic times.

4.  That One Time I Sang For A General Authority and Also Conducted a Choir of Angels
Yeah, self explanatory.  Elder Ochoa of the 70 came to give a conference....  I lead the music, and that was magical and SO FUN and I think I may have gotten a little bit into it leading 'Spirit of God' for a group of 100 missionaries singing in POWER and AUTHORITY.

And, I had a wonderful opportunity to sing Grande Eres Tu (How Great Thou Art) with two other missionaries - Elder Osmond and Hermana Steele, accompanied by Elder Westberg - in a beautiful spur of the moment arrangement.  It went great and it was SUPER pretty....  And, later in the meeting, Elder Ochoa pointed directly at me and goes 'YOU.  Come up here.  Elder Osmond too.'  So... We did.  He then told us we need to use our talents to find people.  He then told us to sing something.  So, we pulled out a verse of 'Mas Cerca Dios De Ti' (Nearer My God to Thee) in also epic harmony.  It was great.  Loved being able to sing again.  Also, Elder Ochoa is kind of awesome.  Like, SUPER awesome.  Amazing spiritual experience.

5.  We have Awesome Investigators and Frustrating Members, Even Though Most of Them Are Chill
... That's just a statement.

6.  Additional to Pitbull, I Have Now Seen Romeo Santos Perform Live too.  
Once again, not intentionally.  It's right down the street. He's SUPER famous here.

And... Yeah!  that's the coolest stuff!  Life is just great here, guys.  I don't have much to report else.  Just have a great week, and if you need anything.. I'm just an email away.

Song of the Week:  Where the Streets Have No Name by U2

Love you guys.

Elder Kristian Huff

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