Monday, March 30, 2015

Um...Kind of a really really good interesting week. Also long...Okay, just read the email.

Well hey everybody!!!

It has been a really really interesting week with stories that very few missionaries will have to tell.  So... Let's do this.

Normal day.  Mostly.  A family that we love A LOT made us (Naupoto and I) a freaking mini gift basket filled with chocolate and love.  The outside of mine is all decorated with a guitar....  And it looked oddly familiar... Come to find, they found my facebook and made the guitar look exactly like my baby back home.  Also, they made a necklace with a guitar with (are you ready?) FIVE POINTS, in the shape of a STAR.  Yeah.  This family is awesome. (Family Raudales - they kind of make me emotional.)  

Also, we established that our investigator H. was going to be baptized in Comayagua, but all the paper work was gonna stay here.  So... Win both ways.  Kind of sad that we weren't able to be there with her....

Interviews with President - every three months-ish.  So....  We went in, had interviews, and... it was great!!!  

And, as we were leaving, President asked if we could find out exactly where H. was going to be baptized (cuz we both talked about her a little in our interviews).  Kind of weird that he wanted to know... But, hey.  He's the President.  We defintely wondered why and if anything was going to become of it....

Another pretty normal day.  We had H.'s batpismal interview, and she is good to GO.  Also, we cleaned the pila in our church for another baptism.  And.... It kind of turned into a water fight with a couple kids that were helping us.  Unintentional, I swear.... But hey....  Two years without swimming?  You gotta take your chances.....  

Later that day, we got a call from the office Elders.  Friday was my migration day....  So.... Plan on finsihing up my citizenship of Honduras in the morning.

Also, nothing more said about questions from President.  He probably just wanted to make sure she was actually going to be baptized.  I suppose....

So... Migration.  I got to see a whole bunch of my fellow Elders that have the same time as me, which was cool.  But.... Migration kind of went down like this....  
Imagine going to the DMV.
...That is literally all I have to say.  We were there from like, 10:00 in the morning to like, 4:30 in the evening.  It was a whole lot of nothing.  Unless sitting counts as something.  Then, it was a whole lot of sitting.  .... And that's all.

'.....  Why is President calling us, dude?'
'..... Um....  So.... President just told me....He wants to take us up to Comayagua tomorrow.  For H.'s baptism.  Himself.  Alone with us and Hermana Bowler.'
'..... Is that a normal thing to do?'
'No.  No, it is not....  so.... I guess...Road trip with the Mission President?'

Road Trip with Our MISSION PRESIDENT AND HIS WIFE.  Comayagua is like, 2 hours away.  And.... He and his wife personally, alone with Elder Naupoto and I, took us up to comayagua for H.'s baptism.  It was like, bonding time with them.  And get this....  PRESIDENT HIMSELF CONFIRMED HER.  IT IS NOT VERY OFTEN THAT A MISSIONARY CAN SAY HIS MISSION PRESIDENT CONFIRMED ONE OF THEIR CONVERTS.  IT WAS AWESOME.  AND THEN AFTERWARDS HE BOUGHT US DINNER.  LIKE.... WE LITERALLY SPENT THE WHOLE DAY WITH PRESIDENT AND HIS WIFE.  That is NOT a normal thing to do.  Our mission president is AWESOME.  I could go on about this for a while.... but... you'd have to be there to really appreciate it.  wow.  It was fantastic.  

Pretty normal Sunday.  Nothing else special to report.  Elder Naupoto and I still couldn't believe that what happened the day before actually happened.  That was awesome.  

And.... Now we're here.  Not much more I can tell you guys!!!  Only that Heydi has successfully entered the church.  pretty fantastic, right?  Yeah.... We think so.  

Well, that's about it.  And, I know I said I'd explain why I chose Demons as the song of the week last week.... But.... I'm gonna push that one week more.  Love you guys.  Stay strong, firm in the faith, and pray always.  Thanks to everyone that wrote me (Ana, Alfredo, Nicolle, Idania, Megan, Landen, Blythe, Scott, Nanny, Jose, Lizzie, Donny, Mariah).... you are all fantastic.  Talk to you soon. 

Elder Huff
Song of the Week - No One is Alone from Into the Woods

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