Monday, February 2, 2015

Welcome to Teguc

Hi n stuff.

I guess.... Well....   There are a million things I COULD say, but I just wanna say the right ones.  

First off, my english sucks.  I hope everything is coherent, because I don't remember what are english expressions and what are spanish expressions and what forms make up what and BAHHHHHHH bear with me.  So... Yeah.  First update and stuff.

Secondly, BAPTISM of W F!  He is a great kid, and my little buddy.  Well, Naupoto's little buddy too.  He's our little buddy, and I had the honor of baptizing him.  He's ten years old, and SOOOO pilas (hard working, intelligent, etc.).  The work here (we hope) is beginning to take off, so.... We'll hope for good stuff here in Villa Olimpica.

Thirdly....  Let's take a look at Teguc.  

This place is another world compared to Danli.  The traffic is terrifying, there are luxuries that I likely won't have again on the mission, and there is a lot to learn about every person that walks by.  A lot of random stuff smells bad, (like REALLY bad) and there are SO many colors everywhere.  Like, the houses, the streets, the graffiti, the cars, the many different kinds of people and life choices (yes, those have colors), etc....   Our apartment is the smallest in the mission, and I actually think we had more stuff in my old house than here to cook and such... So that's interesting.  Random facts of the day....  There are huge bananas called platanos that taste like crap if you don't cook them first.  So... Also... This week I learned how to not cook platanos.  

Fourthly.... Last week I chose Enrique Iglesias' (his name literally means Henry Churches.. Random Fact.) Hero for the song of the week.  I want to explain why. So first, a look at the history.

Teguc is a really different place.  Our area is divided into two parts.... A really really rich part, and a really really poor part.  Both parts are hard to work in, but for entirely different reasons.

RICH: This is a world of many fully educated people, and a good amount of members, few of which are fully willing to help us.  We have been told by these members that we shouldn't bring poor people to church because they are too dirty and not smart enough to understand the church.   So... That's hard.  Many of these members also work a lot, so finding references is hard - especially when proselyting in these areas is just not plausible.  We have been kicked out of several areas before by cause of people who feel we are disturbing the peace.  And, with that.... Needless to say, very few people in these areas open their doors to us.  Nevertheless, after a couple of talks with leaders, Naupoto and I hope that the attitude of this area might change a bit, little by little.

POOR:  This is a world of drugs, drag queens, beggars, and all other classes of sketchy people.  The biggest struggle here, though, is the desire of the people to take part in church.  And why would these people struggle with that??  As Alma taught, the Humble are most ready to recieve the gospel, right?  Well... That is true, in part.  The problem is, the majority of these people have suffered.  A lot.  And for that.... They love hearing the word of God.  But they do not believe it can make a difference.  'After having your husband killed in a gunfight leaving you with three young kids, it's hard to accept that attending church and being baptized will somehow make it all better.'

.... That's hard to fight.  

So... With that, you see two different worlds.  Two different classes of people, and both hate the other.  Hard, as a missionary.... Because when you stand in the middle, all you see is how necessary the Gospel is in BOTH places.  

So now, look at these people, and ask yourself. Is there an answer to this?...  Or is it just and endless cycle, kill or be killed, and if you try to change, the world you live in will remind you where you actually stand...  It is heartbreaking.  Because there IS an answer, but it requires letting all walls down, and letting go of all prejudices....  And we already know what the answer is.  

So now... The song.  Hero.  Forgive me if this goes in a different direction really fast... But I promise it connects.  

I am a different person now.  I know I said often before that I didn't want people to say that 'the mission 'fixed' me' or anything like that...  But honestly? I have learned more than I can describe to you.  I feel humbled to be serving in this country with these people, and THAT feeling is the ONLY one that motivates me to keep doing it.  Because THAT is the answer that I have for these unanswerable questions.  I have seen the change in myself, so I KNOW it is possible for these people too.  I KNOW it.  Because WE aren't the ones going to change them... We are only giving them the keys to open the door.  We are literally giving them the Book.  

So when I think about the song Hero, I guess I get a bit baggy thinking about the future... But bear with me. Marriage is a lost treasure in this country.  I guess it became too common to lose one of the participants in the game... But nevertheless, I see the way that some couples have made each other who they are.  And that BLOWS my mind.  So, in part.... I hope that when I find my Eternal Companion, I could be that person to her as I know she will be to me.  Plus.... It is pretty great in spanish too.  And what is central in this Gospel, besides our Saviour?  Well... Families.  And I have a VERY strong testimony of families, especially since having been here.  I chose that song, because I hope that one day I can look back and remember how blessed I will be to have her in my life.  And, well... also so that many of you can look forward to your future and realize how precious it will be and why it is so important to prepare yourselves NOW for that person. And maybe also a bit for those who are already there to reflect on the effect your companion has had on your life, and what you can do to show your love for them a bit better.

I have a testimony that if we had stronger families here as well as in the states, we would be a much happier world.  Treasure your family.  I know that I do.

Anyway... Once again, I don't have time to proof read my letters... So I hope nothing is weird about my connections... If so, forgive me.  I hope that at very least, something in here made you want to look at life a bit differently.... Cuz that is about all I do every day. 

I Love You ALL.

Elder Huff

Song of the week: Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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