Monday, July 18, 2016

The Best Days of my Life - Part 6 of 8 (La Reforma)

Hey everybody!!!

First of, for question of time, I don't know if I'll be able to respond to all of the messages you sent me this week - know that I DO love you a TON, and if I didn't respond, it's just because we were a little short on time this week, and next week you can expect a response!  

Next, Elder Hirschi and I are working harder than ever, and we're seeing the blessings.  Hopefully I'll have some good stories to tell in the weeks to come, but until then, just keep praying for us, and above all for our investigators, especially these next couple of weeks.  You all know.... I'm just about out.  So... The area needs that last little push!!!  

But, without further adieu.... 

La Reforma - Tegucigalpa

When I got that last call on the island letting me know that I would be leaving, I found out that I was fulfilling my trainer's prophecy and returning to the city after having disappeared into the south several months.  I was going to be in the center of the action of the city - Zone Tegucigalpa, in an area called La Reforma.  It is one of the older areas of the mission, and I was welcomed in by Elder Rodriguez, who would later come to be one of the best companions I had during the mission.  My time in this area flew  - and I think I can describe all of my best stories there in three words:


...... Haha just kidding!  

......  More or less!

The truth is, those are probably the words that describe my time there.  My companions were amazing, and the members are all AMAZING, but... Dang.  The work there was, pretty tough.  That's where I had to learn patience.... Because we worked our butts off, but the fruits all came very slowly - many of the which still haven't come to an end.  But we're getting there, even now!  And the truth is, it was in La Reforma that I learned how trust in God's timing - which is sometimes a hard lesson learned.  But seriously!  It was pretty hard!  Once again, these will be stories for after the mission, because I just cannot write them all, but some of them you may have already heard a little about in past letters.  Here is the list to ask me about after the mission:

-Family Cruz
-Family Cerrato
-Family Robleto
-Family Calix
-Family Castillo
-Family Gonzales
-Family Coello
-Miriam and Family Ortiz

NOW.... I hope you all know, these are all people that I ADORE.  I LOVE them deeply.  It will just blow your mind how many obstacles they've all had to face.  They are all wonderful people, and each story holds thousands of lessons to learn.  I promise you'll enjoy them.  They are those kinds of lessons that make you realize what is most important - and it's amazing to see how all the lessons came down to one solid truth.  

And we really already know what it is.

I love you guys... Once again, I'm sorry if the messages are cryptic or too vague - but it's impossiable to write about these people just through a little blog.  But, if you really want to know - I'll tell you everything within the next couple of weeks.  I love you all, and I'll talk to you all next week, as we make our way to the last area of my mission.  

Elder Kristian Huff

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