Monday, July 4, 2016

The Best Days of my Life - Part 4 of 8 (San Marcos de Colon)

Hey Everybody!

Well... Updates with the area, my poor companion was still pretty sick for the week, so the work was a little halted.  But he was a trooper, and we managed to do a lot of divisions with members so that he could get that rest he needed - we think that the worst has past!  BUT PRAY FOR HIM JUST IN CASE!


We baptized a young man named Luis this week.  He is a great kid, and he has a lot of future ahead of him.  With Elder Hirschi and I, we managed to get everything taught and put together, even though Elder Hirschi was sick.  But we did it - and we thank all of you for your prayers.  

Y.... A TODOS MIS QUERIDOS HONDUREÑOS.  Si estan leyendo mi blog, ESCRIBANME!!!  Quiero saber como estan y poder decirles cuanto que les amo!!!  Entonces, HAGANLO.  Gracias por su apoyo, y espero que me escriban!!!  Y hagan que este mensaje llegue a todas las personas que quisieran estar en contacto conmigo.  :)  Tambien, pronto voy a poner mi correo normal en uno de mis mensajes semanales, asi que... Vamos a poder seguir en contacto.  LES AMO!

 San Marcos de Colon - Ciudad Nueva

I came very late at night to Limon de la Cerca - or the ZL's area - and I came to find my awesome companion, Elder Espinoza, waiting for me in the ZL's house.  We sat down and talked and about the area and our hopes and plans and our lives and from the beginning we came to be great friends, even though I was a little high strung at first.  He was always VERY patient with me, and we came to be best friends.  To this day, it's very possible that he was the companion that I grew closest to.

After the district meeting on Thursday, we got on the big bus and made the 2 hour long journey, that I came to know SO well, for the first time.  When we came, it was pouring rain, and it was actually really cold.  Totally not normal for the south.  We went and made our way to our little apartment, always having to pass by a VERY inappropraite billboard getting off the bus, and we prepared to go out and tear San Marcos up.  The honest truth.... I knew WAY too many people in San Marcos to be able to talk about all of them (I actually realize that THAT statement applies to just about every one of my areas...).  So.... I will talk about San Marcos by the members.  Because in the end - that was probably the most memorable part of San Marcos.  My beloved Sanmarqueños.  

1.   Familia Calderon

What can I say about that family?  Literally one of the most dysfunctional but most WONDERFUL and SELFLESS families you will ever know.  They are one of those families that will just.... Well, never stop being your family.  They came to be my family, completely.  I'm their little daughter's Godfather (possibly one of a couple - if that doesn't hint at how much they get to you), and I literally considered their house MY house when I was there.  We talked together practically daily, we cried together, we laughed together, we yelled and beat things and sold things and made things together, and we MADE San Marcos together.  There just aren't words.  If you want to understand - ask me after the mission.

2.  Familia de Reina

They did SO much to help us.  Especially the two daughters, whom I ADORE.  They always gave us lunch, and they always went with us to lessons when we asked.  That one time when we had an attendance of 4 people?  Yeah.... That included Elder Espinoza and I, and the two Canaca girls.  They supported all of the activities in the church, when NO one else did, and they truly had to fight a lot of challenges.  But.... We came to rely on each other a lot.  Estafani and Wendy, you are awesome.

3.  Alba and Annie

I didn't believe in angels until I met these two women.  A mother and her daughter, they have faced more trials and have stayed more firm than anyone else on this earth.  I don't think I can say very much, because words simply won't say it right.  There are some people on this earth who came to guide the rest of us - to teach us what it really means to love and serve and be happy - these two women prove it.  I'll never be able to express my love enough for them.

4.  Carlos, Judith and Genesis

The answer to my 6 million prayers in San Marcos.  They were the family God prepared to make a change in that little city.  We had to work harder with them than with anyone I've had to work with - and I would say that my relationship with them isn't anything that began in Honduras.  They are.... undescribable.  We passed so many experiences with them - we had to fight SO many fight for them - and we came to know each other better than most people do during this life.  I love them.  There is little more I can say - I also often feel that my work with them hasn't just finished yet.

5.  Fernando, Carlos, Osman and Angel

Ohhh these guys.  They struggled a little bit with the church attendance thing.... But they helped us so much with visits.  They have a lot of potential.... They are all very special people.  They all have SO many freaking mandados to do ALWAYS.... Someday they'll catch a break.  And when they do, they'll do great things for that area.

6.  Victor and Mariela

This family.... Freak.  I HATE trying to EXPLAIN how special these people are for me.  Mariela was baptized a few months after I left - this was the family who celebrated my birthday with me - and they are one of the most loving and generous families in Honduras.  their two little chldren are wonderful, Mariela's sister Victoria is awesome, freak, even her MOM is the bomb.  Gah.  They'll be hearing from me for years to come.

7.  Carlos Portillo

I still owe him tacos.  This guy.... Freak.  Just deserves better.  Once again, if you wanna know the story.... I'll tell you after the mission.  Or a personal email.  

Well.... I would like to write about others as well, but I don't have enough time to write it.  And... Get this.  That is EXACTLY how it was when I left San Marcos.  I was sick as a dog, and I got the call that I had changes, and I was SO sick that I couldn't say goodbye to many people.  It was awful.  And, as I made my way again to the city, I would have never guessed what was waiting for me.  BUT.... What I DID know, is that a promise was made that day to those people of San Marcos - That I would be back.  And we'll see what the Lord has in store - just like I waited for my second area in the South.

Have a great week guys.  I love you all.

Elder Kristian Huff

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