Monday, March 28, 2016

As the Time Goes....

Hey Everybody!

First.... Sorry I haven't written all that much lately.  I just... find myself wanting to write it then never finding the words to say.  But... I'll give a little of information every once in a while so everyone knows what's going on.  But know that I love you guys, and you're all in my prayers always and the such... I haven't forgotten anything or anyone.  ;)

Well, what can I tell you all?  The same as I've said many times before... It's just impossible to describe.  But I'll try!

Right now my companion, Elder Rodriguez has changes (I'll upload photos this next week :)).  That's kind of sad... He's a great guy and we get along really well.  We have not yet been able to baptize... But we are working with many people who are truly converts.  That's where we are in the work right now.  Probably like, 3 families and another 4 or 5 people who are well on the way to coming into the fold, but.... Little things that hold them back. Such as... Marriage.... Or just being able to come to church.... You know.  The normal.  But, if it's the will of the Lord, we'll be able to see a few more people come into the church these coming weeks and months.  

On another note, I'm just.... constantly in the process of understanding the gospel.  My time in the field is growing incredibly short - and that fills me with fire and confusion.  I want to give it all I got.... but where did the time go?... It doesn't feel real.  But... I'll save those thoughts for a later email. Mostly,  I just find myself with a greater desire to show the WORLD the beauty of it's existence!  There is something so much BETTER waiting for us around the corner, and if we can just be strong, a little while longer, as heavy as the load may feel.... We will see a brighter, better day.  And THAT is what the mission is! So... for those of you at home that are reading, just know this - You are the answer.  Be strong, be firm, be full of light and truth and love and the world will make itself right around you.  

We will have to go through hard, difficult moments - but who says we can't whistle on the way?  i'm learning much about exaltation and the requirements to achieve such.  The secret is simple - we already KNOW the answer.  It's written in our hearts and in our countenance.  Just listen carefully - and truth opens itself up to those who choose to listen.

The mission is a beautiful thing - but the really beautiful thing is the life we have to live.  Live it, and live it well.  I love you all, and I'll keep you updated here and there - until then, listen a little closer.

Elder Kristian Huff

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