Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Let's Get Caught Up

Hey Everybody!

So... I kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a while there.  I'll be honest, it's very hard to know what to tell you at this point.  I would tell you about our investigators, but they come and go very easily.... It breaks our hearts, but it's much easier to not get too into detail in the meantime.  I don't see it as too heartbreaking though, in the long run.... It's only a phase.  When they aren't ready, well.... They aren't ready.  It's hard at times for us, but it only requires a wider vision. So.. What do you do?  Well... you do what you always do.  You work, you pray, and then.... You make the decision.  It's kind of the same thing that the investigators do, isn't it?

Now.... To explain what La Reforma has taught me.... It's taught me the process of constant progression.  In no other area have I seen such a wide spectrum of people. Unlike San Marcos and Amapala, La Reforma has been open for many years, and the Church is much more well known on a personal basis - that meaning, everyone has already talked to the Mormons before.  That makes our job interesting - often we have to correct bad interpretations that a person has had in their head for years - due to a direct visit of the missionaries.  But that ALSO means that those that are ready usually have an amazing story to tell of their conversion, often dating back to the years of their youth. 

The reason I explain all of that is to give an idea of the miracle it truly is to find chosen in this area.  They practically teach themselves - with many of the chosen I've found here, I've found that I am only a little bridge to get them to the chapel on Sundays and fill in the blanks of the lessons - they do everything else on their own.  It really shows you that it's not our work, nor was it ever - we already know who's in control.

Speaking of some of those chosen of our Lord, I have had the unique opportunity to work kind of how I did in San Marcos - complete families.  There are three - and I'll be giving updates on all of them in the coming weeks.  But, just as the starting point, they are all already practically members.  They've all coe to church several times, they all have strong testimonies and they all are planning their baptismal dates - seems too good to be true, right?  If they are all so... converted, what's the deal then?  why aren't they in the water? 

WELL.... Marriage.  They ALL needed marriage.  Here are the families and their stories.

Familia Cer.:  They are a family of three, parents and a little daughter.  The only real challenge has been that the sister is not from Tegucigalpa - which means to get her papers, she would have to go to her city of origin... which is pretty far away, although not impossible.  They've had the easiest process paper-wise.  

Familia Cr.:  Just a husband and wife, the only thing that holds them back from marriage is a very frustrating and lengthy process resulting from a lack of inscription in the Honduran Registers.... Or, basically, the husband is a phantom in Honduras.  He is 30 years old and was never officially signed in as a citizen.  How that happened.... Well, we're not sure. So.... He needs to become a citizen before he gets married.  They are both ready as can be, and we've already been in the process for almost 3 months - we're almost there.  

Familia Rob.:  A husband, wife and a 12 year old daughter.  They are also very willing to get married and want to get baptized.... BUT, the husband isn't originally from Honduras.  So, we have to request his papers from his country.  The papers are already is transit - but the delay time is between 1 and a half to 2 and a half months.  We sent for the papers a little more than a month ago - so, we're hoping they get here soon.  Also, the sister is expecting - the newest member of the family will get here in September.

So.. Those are them. As you notice, we've already been working with them for a while - we have other investigators, but these are the chosen we've found.  The ones who aren't just willing to listen - but those who want to change.   

So... to finish up, we've already finished up the process with the first of the three.  Thanks to pray, fasting and a lot of faith, the Familia Cer. was baptized this weekend.  That's my second full family in the mission - which is just awesome, I'll be straight about it!  The Lord does miracles - just let it be in His time, and not ours.  But anyway, I love you guys, and I appreciate your support!  I'll keep you updated as other investigators get to later stages of conversion and as the families reach their marital and baptismal goals.  Have a great week, and I'll talk to you later!  Don't stop praying!  If you ever need anything, I'm here to help!  

Elder Kristian Huff  

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