Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Ocean

Hi All -

Well, this is unfortunately not Kristian writing - it is his mother.  He apologizes again for not having a message for you.  The area he is at has very poor internet service, so instead of sending a message...he sent pictures!  Amazing pictures!!!

Just an update...he is currently on a beautiful island, Amapala.  It is a difficult place and also an amazing place for missionaries.  They have come across some very mean and brash individuals, but on the other hand they have come across some of the most loving and caring individuals - a couple families namely that love the missionaries and would do anything for them (makes my heart happy to hear those stories).

They had changes this week and he had to say good-bye to Elder Huaman, whom he loved dearly and is really going to miss.  His new companion is Elder Batista, who is an incredible missionary and Elder Huff has really enjoyed getting to know him.

Before Elder Huaman left, there was a little miracle and he was able to baptize a sweet girl that has been having the missionary discussions for several months - she didn't want Elder Huaman to leave until he baptized her, so she prayed about being baptized and...well, we all know what happened next!

Not only was Elder Huaman able to baptize before he left, but there was also another sweet woman who has an incredible testimony and she has been wanting to be baptized for several months and asked Kristian if he would baptize her.  YES - Kristian also got to baptize in the ocean!

We finally have pictures also from Carlos and Judith's baptism from San Marcos - they are both amazing individuals!

I hope you enjoy the pictures!  There will be a message next week from Elder Huff!

Thank you to everyone who reads his updates, prays for him and loves him.  Your support is very much felt and appreciated by all of us.  Kristian loves you all and is so overwhelmed by the love he feels from each and everyone of you!


Elder Espinoza, Carlos, Judith and Elder Huff

The bus ride on the way to Choluteca for Carlos and Judith's baptism

Elder Huff, Judith and Carlos - Congratulations!!!

The ocean on Amapala - the day of the baptism!

They got to be baptized in the ocean

Elder Huff and Elder Huaman and the newest members in Amapala

A baptism in the ocean - amazing!!!

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