Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Only Constant is Change

Hey everybody!!!

So... I don't even know where to begin.  I've had some HUGE things happen this week....  And, I guess I'll start with this.  There are two big things that happened this week, so.... Just read along and it'll be pretty clear.

First, my p-day has changed, due to the fact that I have officially left San Marcos.  The change was coming, and.... I suppose it was my time to leave.  It was hard saying goodbye.  In a way, San Marcos felt a little like my baby - I got to see it grow so much, and I had the opportunity to meet and come to love so many incredible people.  It was hard - and there's a little piece of my heart that will forever remain there.  I will also miss my second baby, Elder Rogers, but I'm sure he'll do just fine - plus, the missionary going in is a really good, hardworking missionary.  So.. I'm not too worried.  I hope that in the near-future we get to see San Marcos reach its potential - so, all in the Lord's time.  Until then - I love you San Marcos and all my Sanmarquitos, I'll be missing you.

BUT - that then begs the question, where am I now?  Well... My dear friends and family, I've just been transferred to one of the craziest areas of the mission.  I'm still in the South, but now I'm in the HOT part of the South,  And it isn't just hot because we're south - I actually am close to a beach.  And... By close, I mean, I live on the beach.  More or less.  You see, the weird thing about this area, is that I don't just take a bus to get to my area - you actually have to take a boat as well.  So... I'm in an area called Amapala.  And this area is crazy - because it is an isolated island off the coast of Honduras in San Lorenzo - you can google search it.  It's in the pacific Ocean and it is BEAUTIFUL.  We're also a small little group of members here in Amapala, barely having more than 20 members or something along those lines regularly in church - so, a lot like San Marcos.  But, because of the situation, I will now be writing on Thursdays until further notice.  So, I'll be keeping you updated!  

So - that's the first part of the two.  The next one has something to do with a LOT of people - but not just Honduran people.  Yeah, there were a lot of Hondurans involved as well, namely from my beloved Villa Olimpica - as well as several americans and dear friends and family, as well as several MISSIONARIES and, yeah, you can believe it, my MISSION PRESIDENT and his WIFE. I really don't know how many read this blog, nor do I know how many of you are aware of something that my mom has been planning for the past... well, the past YEAR or so.... But, if you were/are in on it..... I got it Yesterday.


OH MY GOSH MOTHER YOU ARE CRAZY.  AND SO ARE ALL OF YOU.  I'll have pictures of everything up next week - I haven't had a ton of time to prepare because of the changes, but HOW did you all manage to take part in it and how did I NOT know for SOOOOOO long????  OH my heavens, for those that don't know, the WHOLE past year, my mom has been carrying along with her a big sign that says 'Happy Birthday Elder Huff' - and SEVERAL of YOU have pictures with that poster from all kinds of different events - be it from special places of ours or be it big moments in your lives that I couldn't participate in - it seems like I was still a little involved!  OH MY GOSH it is insane! 

BUT, my dear friends and family, your secret participation was then driven to a WHOLE new level, when I opened up a page, and there was my MISSION PRESIDENT with a similar poster, followed by SEVERAL MISSIONARIES FROM MY MISSION WHO ARE CURRENTLY SERVING DOING THE SAME THING.  HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT HAPPEN? Well, I am at least aware that it was in large part thanks to Odeth Cerrato (girl, you are crazy too.  THANK YOU so much.  You have no idea how much that meant to me - but I'll write more about what you did in a moment.), to President and Hermana Bowler, to the AP's, ZL's AND the Hermana Training Leaders, as well as many other missionaries and people involved in the mission honduras Tegucigalpa.  YOU ARE ALL WONDERFUL and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I was kind of freaking out, and my new comp, Elder Huaman, was laughing pretty hard when even HE showed up in the pictures.  I love you all so dearly - I feel honored to be serving at your side.  You are the best of the best, and I'll be sure to tell each of you individually in the coming weeks.

BUT, STILL NOT OVER.  In addition to all of the missionaries that were in on this - and I still thank you all with all my heart - I then was shocked to see many deeply beloved and sorely missed faces from a place I was in not too long ago - the wonderful ward of the Villa Olimpica.  So - First off, Odeth, I thank you dearly for all that you did.  I do not deserve such an amount of love and support, and the fact that you played such an inctricate role in this whole thing just - blows my mind and humbles me so much - there are no words of gratitude.  So, Odeth, do me one more favor - make sure that all of my dearly beloved friends and family from the Villa read this next part, okay?

Mis queridos hermanos y hermanas de la Villa Olímpica - o, mejor dicho, mi amada familia, 
Ya recibí el regalo que mi mamá estaba preparando - el cual consiste en muchas fotos de USTEDES con un cartel para mis cumpleaños.  PUCHIKA, si solo hubieran podido visto mi cara cuando abrí ese álbum LLENO de fotos suyas!  Les AGRADEZCO con todo mi corazón - ustedes son maravillosos y no hay palabras para expresar mi gratitud.  Les amo MUCHO.  Voy a traer el libro la otra semana para que yo pueda escribir un poco de todas las fotos - pero, hasta entonces, ustedes tienen que saber que yo les extraño a ustedes demasiado.  Ustedes hicieron tanto para mi, y de repente, encuentro que todavía están haciéndome montón de cosas... Les hice una promesa, y la voy a guardar.  Voy a verles bien pronto, si solo es para recordarles de mi amor para con ustedes y para decirles que realmente son las mejores personas en este mundo.  Doy gracias a mi Padre Celestial por haberme dado la oportunidad de conocerles - y nuestra amistad perseverará  por muchos años que sigan. Gracias por todo - y otra vez, les amo.

And the same goes for all of my dear friends and family from all over the world - I love you all.  Thank you again.  I'll probably write a little more about all of it next week as well - so, until then, I love you all, every last one of you.  May God bless you and keep you.

Elder Kristian Huff

Song of the week - Dedicated to Odeth Cerrato - You've Got a Friend in Me (Latino style!!!)  Thank you Odeth, this gift would not have been the same if it were not for your help!!!  (Love, Mama)

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