Monday, November 9, 2015

And That's 15

Hey everybody!

It is a great day here in Honduras, and sadly I don't have much to report for the week cause I got hit with something bad in the stomach - so I was pretty much out cold the majority of this week.  And then my kid got it too.  So then he was in bed for a little while too.  

But it's getting better!  That's what is most important.  ;D  Sometimes, little things like that come and you just - kind of have to deal with it!  But I actually learned an interesting lesson this week because of it, even if it was just a little personal revelation, as small as it was.  

I don't claim to be the best missionary - I know I'm not.  But I am not one who doesn't want to be out working, either.  I don't like being inside when I know that there's people that need my help, and the ONLY time I will not be outside during the day is if... well.... I'm sleeping.  And the only time we sleep here during the day whilst on the mission is.... when you're sick. And you don't want to do anything else.  So... That's pretty much what happened this week.  Now, what I learned, though, is this:  


I don't mean to say that 'if you truly have faith, it doesn't matter if you're sick, you work anyway!' Faith without works is dead - and if I have faith I'll get better, I should probably put that faith to work and get the rest necessary so that you can get out ASAP.  Better than drag the sickness out for like, 2 months (right, Mom?).  And here's what I learned about agency this week:  depending on how you use your agency, you'll see the consequences come, but you are not able to choose said consequences.  They just come.  So, you can choose when you want to push yourself, but you cannot choose what happens to you because you pushed yourself.  The principle of agency really is a simple one, but I want to reveal a little of an idea that I had.

The ONLY way that we can truly be instruments in God's hands, is by giving our agency back to Him.  I'm CERTAIN you've heard that before.  BUT, that doesn't mean just go through the checklist of things He's laid out (although in most cases, that list won't lead you astray), but rather that you must take part in an ACTIVE ask and receive process of communication with God.  THAT is what it means to give our agency to God.  There are times, for instance, when we're sick, when things NEED to get done.  God knows that.  Here in the mission, for example, I'm pretty sure that God knows that there's people that need to hear.  But, giving your agency to God DOES NOT mean getting up and going to work all day anyway, when you won't be able to teach effectively because you feel so crappy you can't focus.  That seems pretty OPPOSITE of what God would say.  But it doesn't mean just going to bed every time you feel under the weather either.  What giving your agency to God means, is ASKING Him what it is He needs for you in that moment.  It might mean get a blessing, get up and work.  Many missionaries can testify that such occurrences have passed.  It might also mean take a couple of days to get back together - maybe God has a plan for what's happened and can use that time to prepare people for when you can go out again.  

It's a delicate line that only God Himself knows - But He's ready and willing to tell us everything.  All we have to do is ask.  He listens.  And most importantly, He Answers.

I love you all, and you're all in my prayers.  Stay Strong always, and know that God is with you.  May we all learn to depend more on the Lord every day.  I LOVE YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN.

Elder Kristian Huff
Song of the week: We're Just People by Madilyn Page

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