Monday, October 19, 2015

Once Again, Big Things Coming!

Hey guys!

So.... i'm just gonna cut to the chase.  It's HARD to write something interesting every week!!  So.. I guess the only thing I can tell you guys is that there's some more great things in the works!  But I'll just tell you about it this time - it's not really a secret, because I don't have any final decision.

SO.... San Marcos is not a ward, or even a branch.  It's just a little growing group that the stake wants to see do something.  Just see what happens. WELL.... This week was a big week full of meeting and stuff, because right now, our group president and us are fighting and working to make little San Marcos a Branch!!!!  which would be HUGE!  And, we've already gotten most of the things done for the proposal.... now, all we can do is wait!  We might be rejected, or maybe accepted, we have no idea!!!!  But, we have high hopes!!!

Other than that.... San Marcos is still hard for new people... But, we are praying and working hard!!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL, and if anything interesting happens, you'll know about it!  Sorry for the lack of content....  But, the biggest things are still to come!

Elder Huff

Song of the Week: Intro Theme from Disney's Robin Hood (the whistling one ;D)

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