Monday, July 27, 2015

Okay, Catch Up


OKAY.... So, these last couple weeks have been crazy.  San Marcos is really far away from everything, and I have to go to Cholu a lot, and.... BAH.  Stuff gets hard sometimes.  BUT, I'm happy and working hard.  Finally, I'll give you guys the laydown of San Marcos. 

San Marcos is in the South, but it's BEAUTIFUL and the climate is super nice, unlike the rest of the south.  It's really far away from everything, and as such the ward is just starting out.  By that, I mean there is no ward.  Nor is there a branch.  We are just a group.  A group of like, 5 active members and us.  One active preisthood holder who is the group president.  Other than that...  It's us.  

We usually end up directing the sacrament meetings, blessing and passing the sacrament, giving the talks, giving the classes, even taking the tithings of the few active members (like, 3 or 4).  It has been really interesting and I'm learning a LOT.  We have a LOT of investigators, which are all willing to listen, but struggling to act.... But then again, with such a small LDS population here, it's hard to blame them.  It's been really crazy....  But it's a huge adventure.  Every day is an adventure, learning new things, growing and trying to accomplish things that seem impossible.  

Honestly, it's hard to know what to tell you guys.  I guess, if I could...  I just want to say that it amazes me the way everything in the gospel seems to fit together.  I'm so far from being a perfect person, and this area reminds me of that.... But then I come to realize that the hardest moments come when I lack the very fundamental of missionary work.  That's what I think I need to tell you all. 

I've said it before, and yet I feel like it's the thing we manage to forget the most.... It all, still, without fail, comes down to love.  If we love, and learn to love more purely, it all fits together.  

I will have more things to tell you in the coming weeks, but until then, that's all I can leave with you.  Love you guys.

Elder Huff
Song of the Week: White Balloons - Sick Puppies

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