Monday, June 1, 2015

Life Changing Doctrine

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It's a great day and I'm happy to be here writing you all!  First.... Shoutouts of the last two weeks!

Joy and James and Mary and Nate and Jared, Blythe, Kaylie, Kailey, Emily, Lizzie, ENOCH, Ashley J., Brittany, Breanna, Stefany, Khiabethamente, and.. I love you all.  Hope life is awesome, as you are all graduating and such... Dang, that's crazy!  But, just know that real life is seriously way better than high school.  Also, much more interesting.  ..... Well, I mean, I hope the mission life is real life.... O.O  .. Anyway.....

So, a dear friend of mine asked me to write a little bit about the doctrines or ideas that most help in conversion.... So.... I thought I'd just leave a few chapters to look through to tie to some of the most powerful gospel lessons.... I would do an explanation, but I'm sure you've already heard all I could tell you a good many times.  So.... General chapters to study from with awesome important doctrine. :D

What would I say the most important or influential gospel truth that we teach?  Without a DOUBT, the one that everything else kind of hinges on, is...

The Plan of Salvation.

General ideas and awesome things to note, and then the chapters - broken down into three parts:  Life Before, Life Now, Life After.  Here we go.

Life Before:
Self explanatory, it is kind of mind blowing that we existed before and that we can therefore realize that we CHOSE to come here and we already knew how hard and how awesome life would be.  Also, Your Heavenly Father knows you personally.  And you were a boss before because you live in this day. Congrats.
Alma 13, Revelation 12, Job 1 (more abstract), Abraham 3.

Life Now:
Life is all about preparation and getting ready to return to God and be like Him.  Decisions have consequences.  We can change thanks to the sacrifice and atonement of Christ - which literally is the most important doctrine ever. Faith without works is dead - therefore, Christ's grace can't make up for our sins if we do absolutely nothing in this life to follow Him.  Also, just do what God asks.  It's seriously worth it.

2 Nephi 2, 2 Nephi 9, 2 Nephi 31, 2 Nephi 32, Alma 5, Alma 7, Alma 32, Alma 34, Alma 42, Helaman 5, all of the 4 Gospels with Jesus' teaching... There's a lot more, but there's a good list.

Life After: 
There is a difference between heaven, hell and the final kingdoms of glory. We will all be resurrected, and therefore we will be with all those who have passed on again.  Life eternal is eternal progression.  It's hard to sum this part up.

Alma 40, Mosiah 2-4, 1 Corinthians 15, D&C 76.  There are a lot more, but I didn't prepare as well as I could have..... Forgive me, but these are still very informative and great.
Anyway, I think that is about it!  In general, this lesson just.... Means a lot.  Try finding personal scriptures that help you understand better the life we've lived, are living and will live.  Love you all.  I'm always here for you, just an email away!  LOVE YOU ALL!

Elder Kristian Huff
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