Monday, June 15, 2015

I Just Love You Guys

Hey Everybody.... :)

Well, it's one of those weeks where I come here all calm and peaceful and happy and I just love everything except for when I don't.... :D  Great week.

Literally, I have dropped SO many investigators during these past two changes.  Not a single baptism.  That's been dumb.  BUT.... When I say 'dropped', I don't mean investigators that really weren't progressing so we stopped visiting them, I mean like.... Full on DROP.  As in they are keeping commitments, progressing, have a date for baptism, and then three weeks in, they tell us 'look, we're happy where we are.  We know the Book of Mormon is true, and all that, but.... We're good.  Thanks anyway!'  And Elder Putnam and I are just like.... WHY. 

But....  That's just the general of why things have been rough lately.  But now....  I'm feeling great.  Super just.... Put together.  :D  BUT.... The downside of this floating-on-air-peace sensation is.... I have no idea what to tell you guys.  Mostly... I love you guys, and next week I'll have more interesting stories I'm sure.  General highlights (kind of?...) of the week:

1.  It has rained every day this week.

2.  I have not brought an umbrella with me this whole week.  Cuz I figured the rain wouldn't keep up.

3.  I was wrong about the rain not keeping up.

4.  On Monday, on our way to a lesson, a random woman slipped by cause of said rain, and... She messed up her foot pretty hard.  Like... Bone out of skin and stuff.  And who came to the rescue?  .... Well, us.  Why else would I ask if it were somebody else?  That wouldn't even be interesting....  But, in a nutshell, after convincing the Hondurans that a ironing board was not necessary to carry the woman, Elder Putnam and I carried her to a car that was ready to get her to the hospital.  She was pretty scared but....  As far as I've heard, she's doing better.  

5.  A random woman offered us a ride out of as residential one day, and we couldn't accept cuz... Mission.... But, we pretty much contacted her while she was in her car.  She is now an investigator. :D  Also, she has a sister whose name translates to Forever Alone.  Well... Solitude....  We decide to call her Forever Alone.  We feel bad for her and she probably has some pretty mean parents.  

6.  We gave an english class on Saturday.  A lot of people said they were gonna come, then... they couldn't.  Cuz rain.  Guys, it really rained hard.  And a lot.  Like.... A LOT.  It was great.  But, the class went well!  We just had this huge division, where the people either spoke really good enlgish and basics don't help them, OR, they speak NO english and the basics even scared them.  Fun times.  Also, as a promise, Odeth, this is your shoutout.  Thanks for all your help in the english class and being cool and stuff.  :D  You're great.

7.  There is no 7.  That's pretty much it. 

You guys are all great.  I'll do a combined shoutouts next week.  Talk to you all soon... And if you need anything, I'll do what I can from here!

Elder Huff
Song of the Week  Itching on a Photograph by Grouplove

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