Monday, January 5, 2015

You need to pick a name for this cuz like...WHAT???

Well HI.

What a week.... I literally will come to this point in the email, stare for a couple of seconds... and then... Well... not really come to a decision.  I guess it's a miracle i get anything written.  .... So.....

This week was an interesting one... For one thing, my comp and I got hit with a sickness that actually put us out of work for a day and a half.  We are still recovering, but we DO NOT LIKE to just sit around or stay in bed.  So.... Well, what do you do?  (you get up and work anyway.  I promise... It's better. ;D)

AND, this week we had the incredible opportunity to go to the Temple in Teguc as the East!  (Cuz the mission is divided into three parts... The City, The East, The South.)  The temple was AMAZING.  So

beautiful, so spiritual, and frankly, it was SO needed. Not to remotivate, but to recuperate.  It was like... A spiritual tank fill. I'm sure Mom will put up pictures. :D

And, as I said, we were out of commission for a little while... Mostly just central in the lungs and stuff.  And the vocal chords (yeah, Misty Mountains was the song of the day on Wednesay.  Cuz... My voice dropped about twelve octaves.) And for that, we were blessed to realize, for the first time EVER, we had no appointments set up.  Well... Probably due to the Will of God, and also probably due to the fact thatWednesday was the last day of 2014.  So... NOW TIME TO TALK ABOUT THAT.

Some of you have asked about New Year's here in Honduras.... So... Remember waiting for the boom?


It was like that.  But a lot more.  like... A LOT more.  I am pretty sure they weren't blowing up fireworks anymore, but just decided to shoot things.  

With cannons.  

Or something along those lines... SOOOO Loud.  PUES...

Elder Tuft and I had a wonderful night counting down, and it was pretty special too.  Cuz... This year is a special one for us.  This is our 'Año Sagrado', or our Sacred Year.  2015 will be the only FULL year that we will be serving the Lord.  So.. That is way special.  I am excited for that.  Made my resolutions, and we are working hard to get some things finished before I leave this area (cuz I KNOW it is gonna happen soon.  BAHHHH I don't want it!!!! But I think it will!!!).  

And, as an update, L apparently won't have the baby until late January.  So... We're gonna try to do an EPIC baptism before she has the baby.  We just need to convince her.... Cuz it's possible, and people have done it several times before.  But... We'll see.  

D.... Well... She is just scared.  You can't blame her, but members have visited with her and told her that there is literally nothing more important than God... But... She still struggles.  We are trying, and hopefully God can take the rest.  She actually got sick this week too... So, Elder Tuft and I gave her a blessing.  I gave the second part at her request, and, although I know what I said, I don't remember saying it.  Which... Is a way special experience, and it gave me peace too.  There were promises that were made and I REALLY hope she allows herself to feel it.  She knows... Which is why we are just hoping we'll know what to do and say to give her that last little push.  But... We'll see.  And, I always remember... It's not ONLY in our hands, anyway... ;)

Other than that, it has been a fast week, considering the time out (both sickness and temple and such.)  We still worked crazy hard, and we are getting a lot of investigators lined up for dates.  So.. I'll keep you posted! 


Cuz Elder Tuft and I have done something EVERY SUNDAY MORNING for 3 weeks.  We have promised investigators in the Robles that we will come for them to bring them to church.  .... In order to accomplish this, we need to leave Vista Hermosa by at least 7:20, which is then followed by a really... REALLY long walk.  Up into a mountain.  And of the 6 or 7 investigators that WERE going to come very week, without fail, every single time... They don't come.  

And what is really funny/annoying, they make up the DUMBEST excuses. They pretend not to be home and send their kid to tell us they aren't there, or they say they have to make tortillas (cuz that is DEFINITELY more important) or they just say they can't for really no reason.  This is SO frustrating and SO sad for us.  Cuz when they don't come to church, they don't progress, and baptism isn't even a possibility.  And we come all that way only for them!  I don't really mean to complain, only to explain why I am telling you to JUST GO.

So... How do I tie this to you, exactly?  Well, not to gain your pity (though yeah... it's a bit sad).  We're missionaries.  It's our job and we love doing it, despite the sadness that accompanies when they don't come. But for all of you, YOU CAN GO!  It's right down the street!  And the blessings that come from it are SO impossible to comprehend!  PLEASE go.  Always.  Just DO it (in the words of Elder Scott). PLEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEE.  And, with that... Remember why you need to go.  The Sacrament, firstly.  The opportunity to renew those covenants is truly amazing.  Take advantage of it.  You NEED it. We all do... And next, because it is how we sanctify the Lord's day.  It's a commandment, and really, an easy one to keep!  As D&C says... The blessing of that commandment includes 'peace in this life and life eternal in the world to come.'  .... DUDE.  PEACE AND LIFE ETERNAL. LIKE... BRO. DO IT.

Anyways, I love you all.  Thanks to all that wrote me... You're all wonderful.  The Merit Missionaries, Steph, Joy, Lizzie, Bishop, Ashley, Cristina, Blythe, Neys, Jessi, Kailey, Emma-Lee, the Fam... I love you guys.  Have an incredible year of 2015.  I'll be keeping you all posted on everything that happens here.  Make your goals and FOLLOW THEM! :D  Every day! Seriously... Do it.  You have everything in your favor.

Elder Kristian Huff

Song of the Week - Misty Mountain

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