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So...That's cool


Yeah I'm in Honduras and stuff, and I have stuff to tell you and stuff and thanks for all the emails and stuff.  Love you guys.  Nanny, Natalie, Jessi, Lizzie, Tyler, Steph, Ashley, Stefany, Neysa, Jeri.. You are all wonderful.  

Well..... This has been a stressful week.  (and by stressful I mean crazy awesome mixed with some not so awesome stuff CONSTANTLY kind of stressful.)  But in a nutshell, I can tie everything together with this one simple phrase.....

So.... That's cool.

Allow me to explain.

Firstly, I am going to write this as a day by day.  
Next.... We may or may not have changes this week.  Like Wednesday.  And I won't know until tomorrow
So... That's cool.

So despite the awesome and stressful moments of this week... There is this constant lingering question if I will be able to stay and finish what I started or get taken out at this peak of stress week.  So... Here goes.

We had about 3 citas ready for the day, and although none necessarily fell through... We found that many of these people (of which most are members) have little to no testimony of the Restored Gospel.  These are people I have known for months now.  And just this past week we found out about this problem.  And I don't know if I'll get to stay to help.

So.... That's cool.  Heaven help me.

It was a fairly normal day.... Except for one lesson.  

There is this one family.  The family is hardcore Catholic, which is REALLY hard to work with because they ARE NOT WILLING TO LISTEN.  LIKE AT ALL.  And we have already had some rough lessons, and we were close to dropping them.  But when we entered.... There was this woman I had never seen before sitting in a chair.  She had a cup of coffee in her hand resting on her lap, and she was just staring into space.  Elder Tuft and I went up to say hello, as would be natural, right?  Well.... She didn't even flinch.  She just stared into the distance, as if not hearing us.  Her cheeks were tear-streaked, and there was a hollowness in her eyes.  
The crazy catholic lady, without the slightest hint of sympathy, told us very brashly, 'Oh, don't worry about her.  She just had her kids taken away for something or other.  She's just a bit off because of it. She'll be fine, just ignore her.'

... Frankly, I was put off in that moment.  But in that moment, I was no longer there for the crazy catholic family.  I was there for this woman.  So.... We decided to talk about the plan of salvation.  As always, the moment we started, the crazy catholic woman started going off about something that didn't matter trying to prove us wrong and not really saying anything at all.  
So, mid sentence, I changed the subject to why we have tribulations in this life.  I'll probably write about that sometime soon.  But what happened, is that as we started talking about it.... The woman in the Chair's eyes moved, slightly, and there was this reaction from her, if only for a moment.  

She was Listening.  

As we started elaborating, the spirit got VERY strong.... 

But nevertheless, this appalling catholic woman had the nerve to go off about something else that had nothing to do with what we were saying.  (We were not even talking to her anymore, we were strictly talking to this broken woman sitting in the chair, and she was so hard hearted that she didn't even notice.)  As she was going off about something about how 'Peter was not really of the devil, even though Jesus told him to leave him calling him by Satan and...-' I cut her off and asked plainly 'Sister, do you have a question?  Because if you don't, please stop talking.  I would like to bear my testimony, and the spirit only testifies in silence.  So please, stay silent for just a COUPLE of minutes, if you would please.  For the Spirit.'  
Surprisingly, I didn't sound as mean to her as I had wanted to be. I just sounded calm. And... She only said, 'Okay, that's fine.'  

We then continued. A love presented itself during that lesson that could only be felt by those who allowed themselves to.  Let yourself think about that idea.

Although there is much more detail, I will tie up the story like this. Despite the crazy catholic lady's rambling, we got through the lesson, and every so often, the Woman in the Chair would look up at us.  Only for moments though....  And honestly, we felt as if we had done nothing to help her at the end, due to the constant distractions.  But, as we left... This woman in the Chair looked up, took our hands, and just looked into our eyes, and before letting go, hers filled with tears.  She said nothing. And... We left.  We haven't seen her since.

So... You know.  Also... I'm really gonna write about silence soon. So... that's cool.

Well.... I have a lot that happened this day.  BUT... Best part....

So, we went to visit L.  It could be the last time, so when I said I want a picture cuz I might be leaving, she told us to come back so she could change into something a bit nicer (cuz she is VERY pregnant, so she was dressed comfortably, right?). Fair enough,   Well.... When we came back... leaning out her little window, is this girl, COMPLETELY decked out.  Super nice clothes, matching shoes, make-up done perfectly, the whole shabang.  In this little Pulperia in the middle of nowhere.  Just for a couple pictures with me and my comp.  

And... The best part.... 

There's gonna be a baby in Honduras bearing the name Kristian.  Spelling and all.  She'll be having him this week.  Also, stress for if I leave or not. 

So... That's cool, I guess.  I love my people.

Great story.
We passed this one girl at about 8 at night to see if she would like to have a lesson sometime.  Weirdly enough, she is a daughter of the crazy catholic woman.  She moved away because of her mom, actually.  And... Well, we asked if she had questions for us before we left.  

She responded, 'Well... People say a lot of things about mormons.'
I responded, 'Yeah, that is true.  What kind of things do they say that you would like to know more about?'
Her: 'Well, I actually don't know a lot.  Only that you guys don't drink coffee, and... You guys, don't like... Have.... RELATIONS.... Before marriage.  Like... Marriage is really important and you guys don't do anything like that before.'
Elder Tuft: 'That's all true, but... the thing about marriage, and not having relations and stuff, is actually... Found in the bible.... In like all religions....'
Her: 'Well yeah, but you guys actually FOLLOW it.'


Mix this beautiful, honest response with the intense religious views of the family of this girl, and.... Well.... You know.

So... That's cool. 

 Well.... Exciting news.....

We have a baptism ready for Saturday.  That just kind of helped put itself together.  Awesome right? Seriously!  Like.... THANK YOU.  HARD WORK PAYING OFF. :D

At least, well.... That's cool. ;D 

.... Or is it?

First off, one of my freaking awesome converts was wearing an Adventure Time T-shirt.... And.... I just couldn't.  Could it be any cooler?  No.  It it couldn't.  So THAT'S FREAKING COOL.

And then later...
Bishop:  'So, about that baptism.... We have the ward temple trip like, today. So..... Not gonna happen.  Congrats.'

So... That's cool.

... 'We could do it tomorrow morning, I suppose....?'

BAPTISM OF F.  His lessons went by SO smooth and it all just came together.  He is awesome.  I sent photos. :D  AND YEAH.  SO.... THAT'S COOL.

And also, his catholic grandma is another great story of how much I struggle with the catholic population here. 

(Disclaimer, I do NOT mean to say that all catholics are bad people, by ANY means.  I am only saying that during my time here in Honduras, the catholic population have been the meanest, most unwilling to listen and the loudest, showiest and most forceful of the churches we've encountered down here.  I repect all churches, as does the Church I represent.  These stories are to relate the trying times and funny/intersting experiences I've had while serving here.  Thank you.)

Anyway, So..... 
1. This grandmother lied to us about 3 times in a row, saying F wasn't home during the week, and then F's brother coming out and being like.... 'So.. My grandma is lying.  Sorry about that. I just want to practice what we preach by being honest.' 

2.  Her: 'I am a CATHOLIC, and proud of it!'  
Her Grandson: 'The funny thing is, she's a catholic, but she has been going to an Evangelico congregation for months now... And... she has NO idea....' 

..... Maybe she just can't tell the difference?

3. Finally, as the war before the baptism, we have the full support of this converts mother.  So... There are no problems with his baptism.  BUT... This grandmother tried to tell us that we shouldn't baptize someone who doesn't know what they're doing.  And we're just like....  'With all due respect, Sister.... Doesn't your church baptize babies?....'   

....... So..... That's all pretty cool.

And now we are here.  Still, I do not know if I'm leaving the area or not.  That's been stressful.... But it was a wonderful week.  We are honored to have been a part of the conversion of Fernando, and.. Well... Leaving will be hard, if I do.  So... To finish... I wanna give one last review of Danli, in the case that I leave.

Danli, you are probably one of the most wonderful places in Honduras, and probably in the world.  Despite the fact that dirt to your streets is like snow to the streets of Utah, you are a beautiful place.  Yeah, there's trash everywhere, and it's rare to go anywhere without something being burned.. And there's the fact you are more tempermental in climate than probably any other place in the world... And there's the fact that no one really likes to wear clothes... And people's spanish here is more slang than spanish... And... Well... You can always paint the trees white... 

But despite all of this, you have been my home for the past 5 months.  And I will really miss you if I leave.  So... With that, if this is goodbye, I'll be back someday, Danli.  I promise.

Love you all, be safe, and try to find the millions of principles that are hidden in the lines of this email. Talk to you next week.

Elder Huff

Song of the Week: Brillan rayos de clemencia


Elder Huff and Elder Tuft

Danli District

D and C with Elder Huff

Street where Elder Huff and Tuft live

Their home


Elder Huff and Elder Tuft

Elder Huff, L and Baby Kristian

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