Monday, December 8, 2014

To Everybody

Hello, my beloved friends and family.  It is a beautiful cloudy day in Danli Honduras and the days are just flying by.

So.... Shoutouts, obviously.  Nanny, Steph, Jessi, Lizzie, Katelyn, Kaylie, Will, Allison, Victoria, Kaya, Kailey, Assael....  I love each of you deeply.  I will try to respond personally today for the more personal responses, but as a whole, I was humbled by all of your writing me.  I appreciated your sentiments and I want you all to know that I am deeply grateful for all of you.  You remind me why I'm here whenever I feel like faltering.... And I honestly, deeply love you.  

A couple quick catch-ups:  

1.  These are my final days with my first comp in the field.  This Wednesday is changes.  Most likely, I will be staying in the same area, but with a new comp.  


3.  Was the Christmas Devotional awesome or what?  

4.  I am now adequate with a machete for more than just the pillaging of spiders.  And my hands are kind of messed up for that reason.... But hey.  Blisters build character.  Or something like that.

So.... Although I always have a millions stories.... This week I feel I need to spend focusing on my family.  So... With that said, I love you all.  Stay strong.  Remember who you are and remember that you are loved more than you can imagine.  This week will be a week of personal letters, but primarily to family, and next week, I'll be writing awesome experiences again.  

And so... Until then,  I am sending all my love to you.  


Song of the Week, actually:  Last Night On Earth, Green Day.  Because obviously. Talk to you all soon.

Elder Kristian Huff

His apartment
His apartment - clothes hanging to dry
His apartment - where he washes clothes and dishes
Inside his apartment - His shower

Inside his apartment 
His fridge on top of the counter
His felt Christmas Tree
Christmas Stockings



Danli at night

Danli at night

"My Danli" at night

Elder Huff
Elder Huff
Back of his plaque
Family in Danli
Doing Great

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