Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Feliz Navidad Mis Amigos


Freak I miss you guys. 

Now, I could write a big long message.... But really, I think you guys know everything I could tell you.  Christmas is indeed a very special time of year.... A very special celebration.  One that is truly sacred, despite the commercialism.  Yeah, we all know that people make it about presents here and there, and there's a huge hype, butI recently read from someone very dear to me that the reason for this is because Christmas puts a special kind of feeling of giving into someone.  It is impossible to fake that feeling, but giving and receiving gifts is a close way to mimic it.  And, however, in my experience....  The true feeling of overwhelming love for the greatest gifts we have always makes its way in. Family, life, the world and the millions of people in it, and of course, the one man who's birth we celebrate, our Beloved Saviour.  I promise you, if you let yourself just.... FEEL it, you won't even notice the commercialism or the crap that tries to hurt this special time of the year.  Just let it ALL in.  Cuz being here.... Well.... I'll just tell you my story of this week.

To start, a little Honduran lingo to give background info.

Baggy: pronounced as it is spelled with a spanish accent.  This is the word for longing for home, being caught up in thoughts of things and people back home, and also letting the hard things of the mish get to you til you want to freaking break down crying.  In a nutshell. 

Guiper: pronounced gee-per. Pretty much means a boy or girl who is particularly flirtatious with missionaries - or sometimes, amissionary that is the same way. Possibly derived from the mixing breeds of sheeps and goats. ...... Um..... Well... Just google search geep.  I don't get it.

Ofrendas de Fuego: Well.... Pretty much fire offerings.  Yeah.  This is gonna be an exciting email, huh?

Okay... So.... To tell a whole lot really fast, me and Elder Tuft got shenghaied into a Christmas concert.  We just sang in the choir... It was fun and long and we had to stand for an hour and a half without moving and OW.  That wasn't toally fun.  But... It felt good to sing.  So no big!
During this said concert, Elder Tuft and I were flooded with a number of guipers of ages 13 to 17.... Kind of awkward, but they kept their space.  Other Sister missionaries (like Hermana Bleak and Hermana Martinez) later told us that they were SUPER guipping behind our backs, telling the Hermanas that we were perfect and we can cook (and how do they know we can cook? well.... We didn't know we could either. O.o) and the last day of performing, they requested a good amount of pictures with us.  Well.... Perk of being a missionary.  'Sure, we can take a picture, but you have to stand WAAAYYYY over there for it to be appropriate.  Mission rules, you know...'  Yeah.  Fun stuff. Not a ton to report on that.  Just thought I would let you all know that having two gringos in an area bringa really interesting results.....

So... I started with that, because for me, that was one of the better moments of the week, seeing as it was pretty funny.  But this week was also one of the most frustrating of my mission.  I hit baggy after a string of particularly frustrating lessons with people who claim they know the doctrine but really don't know anything, and who apply what they know even less.  Very frustrating, and after a good number of days with lessons like this over and over, I just hit my breaking point.  Elder Tuft and I came home after a day of work (yesterday) and I just sat down and started blowing up about everything (which I have not done yet on the mish).  Well... In a nutshell..... I really wish to express my thanks for a couple people right here.

My Little Brother, My Mother, My Father, My Mexican, My Gringo Comp, Elder Donovan Webb and Hermana Mariah Bleak.

FREAK guys.  These people are some of the best you will ever find in this world.  I gave up on trying to feel Christmas cuz Honduras is just frustrating and the people even more so.  Well... That only lasted about that long....

After my blow up, Elder Tuft made me perform a ritual.  I won't go into super detail, cuz... Well.... Mission stuff.  But, if you want to know... We followed the example of Elijah and burnt some offerings as a sweet savour to the Lord.  Or.... More clearly.... He helped me give my frustrations to Him by way of fire, as to let them go and show my dependance on Him even more so.  So... Thanks Elder Tuft.  You rock bro. 

Next, My little bro, mom and dad.  Jakob, your note to me in the photo album made me bawl like a baby for about 45 minutes this morning.  I love you babe, and I'll see you tomorrow morning.  Mom, Your message in the album is on my wall, and I use it to remind myself that 'I need to take care of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father' for Jakob. And Dad?  Thank you for your letters every week.  They inspire me to look a bit deeper every week and I learn so much.  I feel closer to you now than ever.  You are the best Dad I could have ever asked for, and I will be eternally grateful for you.  And Mama?  I didn't tell you last week, but I am telling you here for everyone to see. I know you get self conscious... But I know for a FACT that you KICKED freaking butt on the piano this week and the last.  You always do.  No one can play with the Spirit like you can, and anyone who has heard you play will agree.  You play your testimony, Mama.  I love you, and don't you ever doubt yourself.  I know I couldn't hear you, but I could feel it.  And you blew it out of the water.  And the song you sent for me.... Yeah... you killed it.  Never doubt it.  But I will ALWAYS remind you. Play those songs for me.

Mexi, I can only say that your words stay in my heart.  Thank you for being my best friend.  And even if random dudes in the mall don't like your candy canes, I will always want your candy canes.  So... You'll need to give it to me when I get back. Also... Thanks for keeping the traditions with Lizzie and Jessi.  That was pretty freaking amazing of you.  And yeah, I did it here too.

Donovan.... Well.... Let me put it this way.... Do you THINK I'm RETARDED. (Forgive the use of this word, there is literally no other way to put it.  And... Well... That's Elder Webb for you. ;D Love you Apple Jack.  The V-King will live on.)

Mariah... (And I am referring to you in your first name format cuz you won't read this til after you finish your mission).  Well.... I don't even know where to start.  Mostly, I think you saw me rock out for about 4 minutes on the guitar at the Christmas concert and then you decided to pull out the most unreal Christmas gift ever. She got me a FREAKING UKELELE.  With pretty colors and myname and mymission time and BAH.  Freak this girl went all out.  Thanks Hermana Bleak.  I'll remember that for forever. How you found time to do that, I will NEVER know.

And of all these things Iwrote about, I think it is easy to infer that I didn't freak out totally because of the gift or the events themselves.  But... More because of the memory it created or the friendship that was strengthened.  If I could tell each of you Merry Christmas, I would.  I love you all. My deppest gratitude to all that Imentioned, as well as to everyone who has written me or taken part in my life this far.  Merry Christmas.  I love you.  Jazmin, Assael, Will, all the missionaries from Merit and their families, everyone back at Merit, Kailey, Megan, Mariano, Lizzie, Mikaella, Jessi, Steph, Mom #2, Blythe, everyone else.... Merry Christmas.  God Bless Us, Everyone.

Elder Kristian Huff

Songs of the week: Little Drummer Boy, La Primera Navidad and Y tambien El Burrito de Belen

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