Monday, November 24, 2014

Where to Begin.......

Lara and the fam, Steph, Lizzie, Blythe, Jessi, Ellie, Joy, Assael, Crys, Kailey, Rebecca, Love you All.  Thank you for the emails... As always.  Seriously.  THANK YOU.

Okay.  Where to begin. Okay..... Let's do a day by day.  Here we go.


Started out as a normal day.  We planned, we started to work, and then.... The call that would change my life for the next 48 hours.

'Hey, Elder Huff?  This is Hermana Bleak (she is a missionary in our zone after changes).  Would you maybe want to help us sing a songtomorrow for the conference? And maybe play piano if you can?'

.... Conference?  Sing? Piano? TOMORROW?

'Hey yeah sure why not?' .... 'But probably not the piano. I can't play that well.'

AND THEN divisions spur of the moment that lasted all day with Elder Webb (cuz he was one to sing in the performance as well).  Now.... Here is how it went down.  To start, something to know about singing in Honduras.... No one really knows the songs or hymns. EVER.  So.... it usually goes down with someone giving a rough tune and then everybody just going for it.  The result is never pretty.  EVER.  And this song we were out to perform was no different... Elder Webb has never really sung before, and in addition to us 2, there were 2 other companionships of Hermanas.  No one could hold a tune but me, in all honesty... Next question from Hna Bleak. 'Can anyone play piano?  I have music here for Come Thou Fount, so.... We should sing that.'  I looked at the music.... It was barely a score.  So.... I sat down and did what I have done with a million songs the past few years.  

I made a five verse arrangement off the top of my head. I MISSED DOING THAT. Days of Glee flashbacks.....

Long story short, after several mini voice lessons, several hours of working to get everyone on the same key and tune, as well as CHANGING the key about a hundred times to fit these girls (and Elder Webb's) voices, we had something decent.  Typically though, if I wasn't belting it out behind the piano whilst playing, the group still couldn't stay on key.  

So... What is the most obvious action for God to pull on us?  

Yep... Thanks Mom.... 'Hey, have you gotten sick? You can be honest, okay???'


.... Yeah, sickness. Nothing in the stomach.... All Central... in my throat.  Try Seven Brides all over again. Literally NO voice at all. I sounded like death.  And thus we performed.... 

ANNNNND THEY ROCKED IT.  TOTALLY ON KEY, ALL TOGETHER, ALL PERFECT.  I was SO astounded.  Speechless (literally and figuratively).  It was beautiful.  And the conference, as I found out, was a multi-zone meeting for all missionaries for notes from the president.  Nothing too big happened.  Although, I did get a few comments for looking like a rockstar pounding out the piano during the song (because obviously there were emotional parts and then super intense belty parts.  Obviously.  Come on. Is that even a question?).



'.....Wanna proselyte?'

'..... Yeah okay.'


'Hey Elder Huff, do you want to go to Tegucigalpa and to the temple tomorrow for old converts of mine from a year ago?'

'YES when do we go?'

'Hmmm.... 20 minutes?'

'....Wait what?'

...Later That Night.... In Teguc....



'Hola Elder Huff.  Quiere dar un discourso en Domingo sobre el Idioma del Espiritu? Lo Siento, es cierto es un poquito tarde.... Pero como un misionero, usted esta.... Siempre listo, verdad?'
(Translation: Hey, Elder Huff.  You wanna give a talk on Sunday?  Sorry it's short notice, but as a missionary, you are.... Always ready, right?  (Those are lyrics in spanish from Called to Serve. 'Liistooo, siempre liistooo.....'))


TEMPLE OF HONDURAS.  INCREDIBLE.  All in Spanish, of course.... And the last time I did Temple in spanish was my first week in my mission.  So.... This time was a bit better. Like a LOT better.  Like I actually understood what was happening.  It was beautiful, of course, and I cannot WAIT to go back.  I could say a lot.... But I don't think I could find words.  It was amazing.  That's all I can say.

Also, I had a cheeseburger.  From McDonalds. Yes, of course I did. 'These make me... Very happy.'

Also, I bought a camera that works. Love you Mama. Pictures Every week from now on.

And Teguc is freaking awesome.  It's like a big city.  Probably cuz it is a big city.

.....Later That Night.... In Danli....

BAPTISM NUMBER 5!!!  Senia Maria Flores Peralta (17).  Elder Roldan baptized her, and I actually had to give a talk at her baptism spur of the moment also (this kind of became a pattern for this week).  Incredible as always.  

.... Oh wait I have a talk tomorrow.  In spanish.


Well... I gave my first talk in Spanish.  The subject.... What language does the Spirit speak?  

In a nutshell, I think I spoke the best spanish I have spoken while on my mission, as well as had moments in English to teach ideas.  The idea, exactly? -  It doesn't matter what language you are speaking, if it's spoken with the spirit, you somehow understand.  And... During those moments in English.... Well......  I can only hope that the congregation felt it.

Later that Day?



Well, here we are!  

Overall... This was a wonderful week.  Super unexpected, but... Incredible.  I am no longer sick (for the record) and I have never been so grateful for a P-Day.  I love you all.  I am grateful for you all.  Teguc is awesome, the work is awesome, I am FREAKING tired, but I feel GREAT.  If any of you ever need anything.... Send me an email.  I read all of them, even if my time is limited, and if it is urgent... I will find a way to respond.  ALSO.... ALWAYS SEND PICTURES!!! JUST OVER COMPUTER! I LOVE them.  But... Anyway.... I love you guys.  Have a good one. That's the news from a gringo in Honduras.

Elder Kristian Huff

P.S. Apparently my dad kicks butt on the dance floor. Just so you all know.

Song of the week - dedicated to my Dad - Don't Stop Believing - Journey


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