Monday, October 20, 2014

Love Without Condition

Okay, HI.

SHOUTOUTS, Dad, Emily, Blythe, Steph (GIRRRLLLL WAY TO GO), Jessi, Lizzie, Crys, Natalie (FREAKING WOW), Camille and Kailey.  I love you all and I hope all is well and always feel free to tell me things that are going on... Yes, I'm a missionary, and AS such I can't do a whole lot. So... I don't get stressed. I just pray harder for you. Feel free... I always want to listen.

So, this week was a great week for the work. We have a lot of new investigators and new families that are super ready for the gospel.  We have two baptisms ready for this Saturday and these girls are READY so... I look forward to that!

The fact this week was easy with the work was a blessing, because this week was also one with some moments of pretty hard news.  

The first, is that a good friend of mine decided to leave the mission.  I only ask that you keep him in your prayers, because he is a truly remarkable man. It was his own choice, and he was a powerful missionary. On this note, I want to comment that when a missionary comes home early, Utah is infamous for the infinite judgment.  Okay, people? I am laying down my view of the law here. You DO NOT know their story.  In many cases, some would rather DIE than come home early. That is heartbreaking. These are 18 and 19 year old boys.  We've made mistakes. The standard of a mission is hard, and really, anyone who goes home for ANY reason, it is THEIR business and THEIRS alone.  Missionaries are NOT perfect, though we try hard to be. Just remember to love as Christ did. Love without condition. That is our job. Judging is for Christ and the person involved.  

And, the second, there was apprently an earthquake in El Salvador that was pretty powerful and hit most of Central America.  Yes, a few of us in Honduras felt it, but it was very light and I only slightly questioned if one was about to start when I felt it. So... We're totally safe.  However.... I have four very dear friends in El Salvador right now. Pray for them and their familes.  Elder Kimball, Elder McKell, Elder Marriott, Elder Newey.  

So... Those are the more serious thoughts of this week. Since I have to write fast, I rarely have time to proof read and edit what I write, So... If anything ever sounds forward or a bit angry or anything, I promise it is NOT. I have so much love for the world, and for all the poeple in it. So when I address hard topics, I do so with love and empathy. If it sounds brash... Just reread it with a more.... Calm, but firm tone.  Because honestly, as missionaries, we stand as representatives of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. That is a heavy calling. And, as such, we are expected to be as he was. So... We are full of love, but we stand firm in the word of God.  So, when I address these topics, I try to do so in a way that Christ would.  Firm, but with love. 

ANYWAY, just wanted to make sure you all knew that. I don't have a lot more for this week, and I hope to relate some stories of members and investigators soon, but I think I will take excerpts out of my journal for those. So... Next week. Maybe. Hopefully. 

I love you all. Please pray for the people mentioned. And for the more intense parts of this email, I can sum up my thoughts in the words of our Beloved Prophet, accompanied by his little wink in his final address during conference.

'And every day, may we all try to be... *wink*... a little better.'

God Be With You.

Elder Kristian Huff

And, also, my songs of the week; Maybe by Sick Puppies - dedicated to my feelings about the world and my investigators and The Scientist by Coldplay.

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