Monday, September 1, 2014

Salvation is NOT Cheap!

Hola Mis Amigos!!!

Guys, I cannot express my gratitude for the amount of emails I get. It makes me cry every time and everyone else in here looks at me weird.

Well, actually.. The weird looks are endless.  

No problema.

BUT SERIOUSLY. You are all so wonderful and I love your emails.  Shout outs this week, Steph (Mi hermana en Cristo), Jessi, Natalie, Becca, Dallin, Ellie (Yeah... I have to... Te amo ;)), Crys, Enoch, Bruce and Elaine, NEYSA MY GOSH I LOVE YOU, Lizzie (And I LOVE ALL that you send me :)), Kailey, Nanny and of course, my mexi. I love all that you tell me and my deepest appreciation to all of you that interact with my family.  You are answers to my prayers, every one of you. You are all doing such wonderful things, and I LOVE hearing about it. NEVER STOP. It means the world to me!!!!

So, first off, congrats to the casting of You Can't Take it With You!!! That is amazing!!! ROCK that show, and always keep me posted.  Word of advice, if there ever comes a time that you are cast (or aren't cast - you know who you are) in a way that feels unfair and you are let down.... Let me tell you, I know it sucks.  And guess what?  SO DOES CHRIST.  He has felt all of the pain of rejection in this world... So as small as it may seem, turn to Christ. He understands perfectly.  He is your big brother. He ALWAYS wants to hear about the little things.  Because, as the scriptures say, by small and simple means, God can bring great and marvelous things to pass - including your testimony.  Remember that. And never lose hope.  Remember, faith without works is dead - so, you have the faith you can do something? Great. Now go work to make it happen, and NEVER give up.  In the words of my objetivo - Perseverar Hasta El Fin!!!!

Next, way to go everyone that is going to college\Mission papering and such!  That is INCREDIBLE and I am so proud of each of you for the work you have been doing! The above paragraph applies to you too, but more in regards of making friends\following your dreams.  I believe in you.  And, read Ether 12 - it is about faith.  I testify that through faith, ALL is possible - for God knows what you are capable of. And putting your faith in him can take you farther than you can imagine.  

A couple quick things about this week, Um.... It will be a month in like, a few days.  That's crazy.  Also, I started this thing at 9:30 at night, where a whole bunch of missionaries sing acapella hymns in Spanish every night.  We sound kind of gorgeous.  We have kind of become famous. As far as the CCM goes.

OH - And... The president's wife told me this story about how I remind her of someone she knew well back in Utah.  She said my voice, my attitude and my disposition all tie in to making me a lot like this one kid back in Utah.

I have been deemed by the President's wife as the CCM's David Archuleta.  So... If by some odd chance David ever reads this - Thanks for your testimony, friend.  It has blessed many people.  And seeing as how highly she speaks of you... It is an honor to be a kind of representative of you.  Or something like that.

But yeah. That's exciting. 

In all honesty, I feel overwhelmed.  Not by my mission, or by my worrying about you guys, cuz I know God makes all those things possible and all of you safe.  But I feel overwhelmed at this opportunity.  I love being here. I love the Gospel.  I love that I am preaching the things of the eternities - and I feel entirely inadequate.  But, I know that God is on my side - and he shall go before me, and I will receive the the things I must say in the moment I need them.  I feel overwhelmed because I cannot believe I am actually out here doing this.  I know I just started, but I never want it to end! My favorite quote of this week is as follows:

Missionary work and Life Itself are not easy because Salvation is not Cheap.

Oh wow.  Jeffrey R. Holland, bringing on the fire again.  But it is true. Life is hard. Because why?  Because Alma 34:32.  Now is the time to prepare to MEET GOD.  Do we suppose that should be easy?  This is a war against HELL ITSELF that we are waging.  So No, life should NOT be easy, because the salvation of our souls and the souls of those we love and serve is not, has never been and never WILL be CHEAP.  I just finsihed the Book of Mormon this week, and it broke my heart. I cried.  The Book of Mormon is true, and it is the Word of God.  It is sad, but if so, do NOT let it be for naught.  Study that book and LEARN and let the great change of heart come into you. I Love this Gospel, and I know that what I am preaching is real.  I stand amazed at the love Christ offers me, and my eternal prayer for all of you is that when the evening falls and the night comes on, you will always allow Christ to abide with you.  Walk with him by your side.  He loves you, as God loves you.  Esté es mi testimonio sincera. Y estas cosas yo digo, en humildad, sinceramente, en el nombre de neustro Salvador, y el hijo del viviendo Dios, sí, Jesús el Cristo, Amén.

Peace be the journey.  Pray always and feast on the words of Christ. Sing and dance with all your heart. Vivá la Vida. Compartá el Amor.

Elder Kristian Huff

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