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Last Week in the CCM (MTC)

Well, everybody?

I am leaving September 16th for Tegucigalpa Honduras. This is my last official week in Guatemala, and in the MTC!  And today, I went through the Guatemala City Temple for the last time!  Crazy, right?  I am SO ready for the field, I can't even describe.

Really quick - Nanny - the stuff at the temple is so awesome - it kinda made me freak out!!!  I love you.  Also, shout outs!!! Emily, Mikaella, Lizzie, Steph, Becca, Nanny, Crys, Neys, Ellie, Lara and the Girls, Joce, Blyth, Jessi and the mexican.  

And a really special one to Don Miller.  Thank you for the message.  I will respond next week. I love you.

Lara, Caroline and Gracie - I love you
Emily - I love you
Mikaella - I love you
Lizzie - I love you
Steph - I love you
Becca - I love you
Crys - I love you
Neys - I love you
Ellie - I love you
Joce - I love you
Blythe - I love you
Jessi - I love you
the Mexican - I love you brother

Well, first off, last Monday we went to the city - SHELL SHOCK.  Not really for me in all honesty, but several Elders and Hermanas were FREAKING out about it.  I just thought it was awesome and humbled me how these people live like this all the time - it is truly an incredible culture.  We saw some HUGE beautiful Guatemala Central Buildings and I actually got to take my Camera!  Pictures at some point....

So, run down of that?  We got to go to Wendy's (Which is totally not even a Wendy's - except the Baconator tasted the same) and that was great.  We also went to the Map, which has awesome history that I just don't have time to tell... Sorry. But it was way cool!  And finally, we went into the actual downtown market.... INCREDIBLE.  Different... As in there is meat hanging everywhere, the fruit and nuts are cut up and sold right there and there are more vendors than you can IMAGINE.  And everyone talks REALLY REALLY fast. I think I caught the majority of it... But it is crazy.  Best part of the day?  Me and my comp TOTALLY GAVE SOMEONE A LESSON AND A BOOK OF MORMON.  My comp was hesitant... But then I was already introducing myself to the woman before he could stop me.  Then he jumped in too, and we both bore our testimonies and offered a chapter to read as well as a quick connection to the Bible and the Authority that was passed down to Adam, Abraham, Moses, Christ himself, and the purpose of that authority in the restoration. And how did she and her 13 year old kid act? GRATEFUL AND INTERESTED AND SOOOO WILLING.  They took the book and the kid started reading as we left.  Only 2 companionships of three districts did it and YEAH WE TOTALLY DID.  That was the best feeling and I WANT TO BE OUT DOING IT NOW.  So... This week is probably going to be the longest and shortest week of my life.  I am not nervous in the least... I just want to START.

Anyway, so that was the market.  We also saw many people living on the streets and houses that were not really houses at all - it was very eye opening, and it makes me appreciate this message and Gospel even more.

But, since this is my last week here, I think I will give a quick run down of a typical day in the CCM.

6:15 Arriba y Preparar para el Día
6:45 Estudio Personal (Escrituras, Predicad mi Evangelio, Otro Libros de La Iglesia)
8:00 Estudio Idioma (Pre y Post Clase Work, especifico Gramática - I use TONS of flashcards and my district just barely started to catch on)
8:30 Desayuno (Typically beans and eggs of some kind)
9:00 TALL (A computer Spanish studying program - doesn't usually work.  Great idea, huh? ;))
9:30 Estudio Idioma Continue (Más Gramática)
10:30 Deportes (I have actually gotten pretty decent at basketball, and I maxed out yesterday at 200 lbs. in the bench press - which was my goal, so... YEAH.)
12:00 Almuerzo (Meat, rice and beans. pretty good, actually! And an Ice Cream - long story)
12:30 Enseñanza A (We teach an investigador)
1:30 Gramática 
2:30 Misionero a Misionero (A Missionary Investigador - each other)
3:30 Doctrina Fundamentales
5:00 Cena (See Almuerzo)
5:30 Enseñanza B (Another Investigador)
6:30 Gramática
7:45 Enseñanza Latinos (Yeah.. We teach a lot.)
8:30 Estudio Personal (I read the LDM out loud)
9:00 Planeamiento (Next day planning)
10:30 Lights Out

And there it is! Exciting right?  A lot of doctrine, alot of Grammar,and EVERYTHING is in Spanish.  We get in trouble for speaking any English now... And I cannot spell ANY normal english words right anymore.  

But yeah! A story or two?  One of our investigadores kicked us out during a lesson because our member present started laughing during his prayer - but to be fair, this investagador is mean and asked God to help him understand Chastity better cuz we didn't explain it good enough and our spanish is bad. Yeah... we got a little flustered during the lesson cuz he was asking WEIRD questions and we don't know how to say some things perfectly in spanish... So...That was fun. 

In all honesty, I am ready to get to the field.  it is incredible here - but it is time.  I want to do more and start doing the work NOT in a single chair in a classroom.  I have learned a lot about myself and about God's Power and about Christ's Sacrifice.... And I want to share it. 

I love this work.  Knowing the Grace of God and the power of the Everlasting Atonement, and the sacrifices that have followed since, including the Prophet Joseph Smith and countless members, why should we shrink from this work?  This is the literal work of Salvation of the souls of men. This is God's Work and Glory.  In all honesty, this week was the hardest for me.  I felt a lot of opposition.... But that made me rely on Christ and the Atonement even more. And I KNOW this is where I need to be.  I feel humbled and eternally grateful for this opportunity... And I will give it all I got.  Knowing all this, knowing the precious gift that is life, knowing the countless lives given for this cause, knowing our Savior and Redeemer conquered death for us.

One last thing... In the first Vision.... The first thing God says to Joseph is his own name. He calls him by name. 'Llamandome por me nombre..."  God knew his name.  The eternal father and Master of Heaven and Earth knew his name.  

He knows yours too.  Christ saw your face in Gethsemane.  They know you personally... And our whole purpose is to come back.  That is what they want, that is why we are here, and that is what I will preach every day for the next 23 month of my life. They miss you and they will help you every step of the way. Should we not go on in so great a cause?

Comparta el Amor. Hasta Ver.  (Share the Love, See you later)
Elder Kristian Huff

Song of the week - He Was Here from The Forgotten Carols (aka The Shepherd Song)

Here is the Schedule - translated for you:
6:15 - up and preparing for the day
6:45 - personal study (scriptures, Preach my Gospel, other book of the church)
8:00 - language study (pre and post class work, specific gramatica - I use TONS of flashcards and my district just barely started to catch on)
8:30 - Breakfast (typically beans and eggs of some kind)
9:00 - TALL (a computer Spanish studying program - doesn't usually work.  Great idea, huh?:))
9:30 - continue study language (more grammar)
10:30 - sports (I have actually gotten pretty decent at basketball, and I maxed out yesterday at 200 lbs. in the bench press - which was my goal, so ...YEAH!)
12:00 - Lunch (meat, rice and beans.  pretty good, actually!  An an Ice Cream - long story)
12:30 - teaching A (we teach an investigator)
1:30 - grammar
2:30 - Missionary to Missionary (A missionary investigator - each other)
3:30 - fundamental doctrine
5:00 - Dinner (see lunch)
5:30 - teaching B (another investigator)
6:30 - grammar
7:45 - teaching Latino (Yeah...we teach a lot)
8:30 - personal study (I read the LDM (Book of Mormom - BOM) out loud)
9:00 - planning (next day planning)
10:30 - lights out

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