Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First of Many!!!

Hey guys!!!

Thank you so much for the emails... It meant a lot to have something to read and it helped me feel closer to you. I am here safely, and you actually saw me with my first companion, Elder Jolley! We went through security together.  He will actually be my companion for the 6 weeks I will be in the MTC. And yes... 6 weeks.  It is beautiful here. I love the spirit and I feel so close to God already.

And... I gave the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of my mission... Something I have never done before and will NEVER do again.

They buzzed my head. They took away my camera... So... no pictures sadly.... But, Thought I would let you know!!! Exciting right??

I love you all so much. God lives and he loves us and he has a plan for me and for our whole family. Stay strong, and know that you are ijn my prayers. Thank you for the years of preparing me. I LOVE YOU!


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